10 most common things people forget while moving

During moving from one location to another it is necessary to pack a lot of the different items in all forms and sizes. That’s why it’s natural that people forget something. However, due to the chaotic nature of moving itself, the main problem is that people usually forget something really crucial. In order not to let this happen and to stay well organized, here is the list of the most common things people forget while moving. And of course our tips on how to prevent things from disappearing forever.

Here are the most common things people forget while moving

Household plants

Believe it or not, live items are the ones that tend to be forgotten the most while moving. As plants do not usually fit in a small cardboard box, it is important to gather them all in one place and let the movers do their job or think of a way to move them without damaging. Make sure to provide plants with enough water and all the necessary minerals, as they do need time to recover from moving. If you don’t have a place for some greenery in your new place, it’s better to simply give them away rather them leaving them behind; besides being a nice gesture – you are saving lives.

Storage items

If you have an attic or a basement (or maybe a garage and even a shed), chances are you will forget something. Or it may not even fit in your new home. So prior even moving to take a couple of days just to take things out and decide what you want to get rid of (think how much space do you have in your new home). After that, check all corners of all your storage spaces (maybe even rented) and see if there are any items that are left behind. Chances are that you might need something you don’t use that much the very minute you step into your new place to keep your focus.

brooms and mops are among common things people forget while moving

Brooms are among common things people forget while moving

Valuable items

Out of sight, out of mind! Do you have a secret place where you hold some of your most valuable things such as family jewelry or secret cash? Most common things that people forget while moving are the items people do not use at all. And that’s why we tend to forget it altogether. Pack your valuable items in boxes that are clearly marked as high priority items so you do not lose them while moving. Of course, notify the moving company to take special care with these. Take care also of your personal records such as passports or birth certificates that should be placed in a visible place as well.

Bathroom items

A bathroom can be a tricky place. There a lot of things you haven’t considered taking while moving especially cause you might need them until the last minute. Items that are left behind while moving can be obvious like soap, toilet paper, toothpaste and medication in your cabinets. And less obvious like plungers and toilet cleaners. All these things can be lifesavers on the first minute after moving but are often left behind if you don’t double check. Oh yes, don’t forget your shower curtains and your bath mat!

Light fixtures

Among the most common things people forget while moving are certainly those hanging from the ceiling because they seem like the part of the walls. You should consider taking out anything plugged into an outlet along with fixed items such as chandeliers. The same goes when it comes to maybe phone chargers, as you would definitely like to charge your phone once you get into your new place.

light bulb left behind

Consider taking out anything plugged into an outlet

Gardening tools

Anything that has to do with gardening is among common things people forget while moving. People often forget to check outside while moving and gardening tools are often bulky, so try to find bigger boxes that can fit your tools. Among other things, don’t forget your gardening hose and lawnmower as well. If you don’t have a garden in your new place, give these away. Again, it’s better than leaving things behind.

Outdoor decoration & furniture

In general, outdoor items are likely to be forgotten more often than the inside ones. Your outdoor furniture is something you will probably need in your new place… Along with the outside decoration that you might have had put years ago. If you are thinking of buying new stuff in the near future, just know that the old furniture is better than no furniture.


It is common to use tools at the very moment when you are moving. So don’t forget to pack them once you’re finished. Anything from hammers, nails to tape measures and screwdrivers should be packed in a box (or a handy toolbox). They should be a high priority – as you will be assembling thing in your new place as well. It’s a good time to even buy some new tools and refresh your toolbox.

Gardening tools

Gardening tools can be often forgotten


Did you change your address in all of your documents? If not, now is the time to do so because nobody will be paying your bills. And you may even pay a fee for being late! Also, check your mailbox one last time before leaving and be sure to notify the neighbors


about you moving. Give them also your new address so they can inform the postman.

Obvious things are also most likely to be left behind along with towels, clothes and mats. If you are moving to another country there can be days until you figure out where to get basic things such as rags, cleaning supplies, sponges etc.

Hopefully, now you know what are the most common things people forget while moving. You can make a big list and plan your moving in advance. Also, remember to clearly mark your boxes when moving so it will be easier to unpack once you arrive. Good luck and keep your focus during moving!