4 things you didn’t know about Cordova, TN

There are things you didn’t know about Cordova and we are here to show you a couple. 4 things to be exact. So, if you are planning to move there, here is some research that can help you to prepare for your life there. Whenever you decide to move to a new place you should do some serious research and then call professional movers.

#1 – the history of Cordova

Before you start packing your big furniture you need to know about the history of the Cordova. This city was established back in 1835. Cordova was a little farming community to the east of Memphis and also home to dozen farms. The community of Cordova took its slogan, “Farms, Flowers, and Fellowship,” from the abundance of farms in the area and its reputation for shipping fresh-cut flowers to Memphis, Tennessee. It’s always fun to start with the history lessons.

An open book about things you didn't know about Cordova

Knowing history is important.

#2 – Cordova is a part of Memphis

Cordova was a part of Memphis. Nowadays neighborhoods like South Cordova, Rocky Point, and Southwind-Windyke are not a part of Memphis. This is just another thing you need to know. Don’t worry, you are still close by – the driving distance from one to another city is about 22 miles, or for Europeans and Canadians – 35 kilometers. If you are a parent you should know that you won’t have to take your kids to Memphis to find a good school. Cordova has amazing schools for your kids.

#3 – Notable people

This is something you didn’t know about Cordova – the notable people. Before you call experts from the area to transport your possessions, remember that some world-famous people used to live here. Lucy Kate Hale (actress and singer) grew up here. The famous golfer John Daly lived here for many years. Jordan Wilkins (running back of the Indianapolis Colts) also lived here.

#4 – This is the perfect place for golfers

The Memphis Open used to be played at the Colonial Country Club, a private course in Cordova (nowadays they call it the Stanford St. Jude Championship). This course even made national news. Here is another fun fact –  President Gerald Ford made a hole-in-one during the Pro-Am portion of the tournament.

A golfer playing golf

This is the perfect place for golfers.

Something that you need to know before you move here

Before you call movers from Spyder Moving, it’s crucial to know the statistics. In the 38018 zip code, the median income was $67,437, while the median family income was $82,319. The average income of a 38016 resident was $64,190 in 2010, while the average income of a 38016 family was $80,736.

In Cordova, the average household income was $34,806, but in 38016, it was only $32,590. Roughly 10% of children under the age of 18 and around 7% of those 65 and older lived in low-income homes, with 6% of families and about 7% of the entire population living below the poverty level.