5 countries where real estate is still cheap

International moves are hard to handle and usually very expensive. If you don’t have a lot of money, you aren’t able to fulfill your dreams of moving abroad. That’s what most people believe. But that’s not the case! You might not be able to move to your dream country but moving abroad definitely is possible. How? Well, all you have to do is relocate to a country that has cheap real estate. We’re not saying there are many of them that you might want to move to but we picked out five countries where real estate is still cheap.


This is definitely one of the best countries where real estate is still cheap as well as one of the most popular moving destinations for people from the United States. Italy is very well-known for so many reasons. Warm and nice weather, beautiful cities, a rich and interesting history, plenty of places to go to and see. A lot of people dream about moving to Italy and if you do too, you will be thrilled to find out that Italy still has cheap real estate. You might not be able to live in Florence, Rome, or Venice but you can manage to find a cheap home somewhere near these big cities.

Italy landscape.

Moving to Italy is an amazing idea.


If Italy is not your cup of tea, maybe Mexico is. There has been an increase of home prices in Mexico but not everywhere. There are still plenty of amazing towns in Mexico where real estate is cheap. Álamos is one of those cities as well as Xalapa. You will definitely love living here. Xalapa is about 200 miles east of Mexico City and a 1-hour drive from the Caribbean. Is there anything better than this?


Turkey is an amazing country to live in. It has a very rich history and the towns and cities are old yet all amazing. A lot of people seem to be selling vacation homes in Turkey because this is a coastal county. You could easily afford one for sure. Tourism is a big part of Turkey’s economy so if you were thinking about moving and starting a business, this might be the best place to do this.

Turkey Beach.

Move to Turkey and relax on the beautiful beaches.


First of all the countries that we mentioned that isn’t a coastal country but Serbia is still an amazing place to live in. Here’s where you’ll experience all four seasons of the year. You can ski in the mountains in the winter, swim in the amazing lakes during the summer, enjoy the huge evergreen forests in fall, and fall in love with all the amazing cities in the spring. Serbia is a very cheap country to live in and real estate is not the only thing that’s cheap. This is one of the best places to invest in rental property.

The Philippines

If you were thinking about moving to a tropical place, The Philippines is one of the countries where real estate is still cheap. Buying a home on another continent is not an easy task but it’s definitely worth the trouble. The Philippines is an archipelago which means that this is a group of islands. Why not live here?