5 reasons to visit Arlington, VA

All around the USA you can find places that have a special kind of atmosphere which is pretty rare to find anywhere else. You can easily say that Arlington County’s one of them. It might be the most iconic county in the whole state. Let’s rephrase the previous saying: it is the most iconic place in Virginia. There certainly are many reasons why should a person born in the USA visit Arlington at least once in their modest lifetime. We’re not going to say it’s a patriotic duty or something, but there’s a little bit of that too. In the article below we’ve counted down five reasons to visit Arlington, VA. Stay tuned.

Arlington National Cemetery

One of the reasons why should you definitely visit Arlington is, of course, the Arlington National Cemetery. Established during the Civil War, it is the final resting place for US soldiers who died in battle in all of the country’s conflicts since then. Every US citizen, caring about its country and heritage, should visit Arlington National Cemetery at least once during their lifetime. It’s sort of a pilgrimage site for many US citizens. Every year many people flock to Arlington just to pay respect to fallen soldiers. Many people have their relatives buried there. Aside from its historical and patriotic symbolism, it’s a really beautiful cemetery, if something like that can be said about any resting ground. It’s really a monumental site. Anyway, if you get a chance, you should definitely visit this national treasure.

The Arlington National Cemetery that is certainly one of the reasons to visit Arlington, VA.

Every year many US citizens visit the Arlington National Cemetery to pay homage to fallen soldiers. It’s really a magnificent, yet a sad sight to see.

The DEA Museum

This one’s kind of unknown even to Arlington County residents. It’s the Drugs Enforcement Administration Museum. Yep, you heard that one right. It’s located in the lobby of the main agency’s building in Arlington. You can show your kids the effects of drug abuse, although you might want to think about bringing your kids to this museum. If they’re pretty little, it might scare them and they might not understand a thing. In this public museum, you can see the detailed effects of long-term drug use, as well as the documented history of the agency’s battle with drug trafficking. If you like to read criminalistic literature or watch movies in the same genre, this might be just the place for you. Don’t miss out on the DEA Museum. It’s guaranteed to provoke some thoughts.

Mount Vernon Trail

If you’re a cycling fan, you’re going to love this one. A 17-mile paved trail going along the Potomac River is one of the reasons why you should visit Arlington. There are many historical sites you can visit along the path. Also, scenic views of Washington’s skyline or the Potomac River are guaranteed to give you goosebumps. In the best way imaginable, of course. If you have too many items that might keep you away from renting a bike and gliding along the Mount Vernon Trail, there’s a solution for that. You can rent a storage unit somewhere in the area and keep excess possessions in one place, making sure they’re safe while you enjoy some beautiful sights or sites. Arlington storage providers are pretty well-known in the state area, so you shall expect nothing less than premium service.

A bike viewed from the rider's position.

If you’re a cycling fan make sure you don’t miss out on gliding along the Mount Vernon Trail. This 17-mile path will put a smile on the face of every lover of cycling, history, and beautiful nature.

Theodore Roosevelt Island Park

There’s no way you’re not going to like chilling in the Theodore Roosevelt Island Park. It’s probably the greenest area in the county. Even though it’s part of Washington DC, it can only be reached from the Virginia side. Did you know that the green color rests the eyes? You’ll surely enjoy having a nice family picnic in the charming park named after the famous American president. Over 160k people visit this tiny island. Also, we’ll mention a few rules you should obey while enjoying the park’s nature. Use official paths, try not to place rocks, plants, and other natural objects where you didn’t find them, do not throw your trash where you’re not supposed to, and be courteous of other visitors. You’ll be able to see a 17-foot-tall statue of the 26th US president.

Ocean Dunes Water Park

Imagine you’re visiting Arlington during the summer. You’ve brought your kids along with you on the trip. There’s not a better thing to do than to grab your kids and take them to the Ocean Dunes Water Park. You’ll be the coolest parent ever if you decide to take a break from visiting great historical monuments in Arlington and visit this amazing hotspot for your little loved ones. The park also includes a mini-golf course, so make sure you check that one out. If you’ve brought plenty of items not really necessary to you while chilling at the pools, you can check out storage solutions available at Zippy Shell DMV. When you’re having a great time, make sure to get the best of it. Having a great deal of your road cargo might slow you down.

A kid having some fun at the water park.

Your kids will love the Ocean Dunes Water Park. There’s no doubt they’ll enjoy some of its crazy refreshing rides. If you’re visiting Arlington during the summer months don’t miss this one.

A quick recap

So, that’s that. These were some of the reasons to visit Arlington, Virginia. Whether you’re a US patriot, a history buff, or a cycling enthusiast, you’re going to love it in Arlington. Don’t forget to bring your kids along with you. If you’re visiting Arlington during the summer months, cool off at the Ocean Dunes Water Park. Also, you don’t want to carry around all your luggage. Rent a storage unit and have no worries.