5 reasons why New Jersey professionals prefer coworking spaces to traditional offices

In the past two decades, the very idea of office space has gone through nothing less than a revolution. So, you’re wondering what happened? Well, the typical cubicle setting is more and more the ornament of the past since coworking areas have started to grow. Most young professionals nowadays have gotten used to working remotely. Although, working from home can be quite of a mess for some folks. There are plenty of things that can easily distort your attention. That’s why coworking spaces are so popular these days. You get the office experience, but with a sense of personal freedom that you’ve missed back when you were sitting inside a cubicle. Coworking spaces are booming all over the USA. New Jersey’s certainly no exception. In the article below, we’ll name 5 reasons why New Jersey professionals prefer coworking spaces to traditional offices. Stay tuned for some helpful info.

What is coworking?

We’ll try to be short here as most of you know what this concept means. It’s basically office space many freelance professionals choose as an alternative to working from home. Coworking spaces are designed to make you feel more relaxed, which is not something you can say about the traditional cubicle office setting. Some of these places have 24/7 access, which means you can choose your own working hours. This concept is also being introduced by big companies, as research has proven this mode of working is very beneficial for employees being happy and productive. We’re witnessing an office revolution.

People working inside coworking office space.

Coworking arrangements tend to be more human-friendly. That’s something you can’t say about the traditional cubicle setting.


One of the reasons why New Jersey pros are choosing coworking space over traditional offices is that the first option provides them with a greater sense of community. Also, professionals from many fields all gather in one space which makes networking much easier. Let’s imagine you’re a freelance graphic designer. You can meet your future clients during the coffee break, share ideas with fellow designers without having to worry your boss will see you or something like that. You can forget all the hierarchical trivialities of the traditional office. That is the sole purpose of coworking spaces. More than seventy years ago social scientists discovered that a happy employee is a productive employee. Today it seems kind of absurd they had to “discover” that fact. Although, to be honest, most employers still somehow seem to forget about it.

Do people miss going to work?

Who would’ve thought this will happen? The covid19 pandemic emptied the offices all around the world. The experience of working from home didn’t appeal to everyone. Most people nowadays miss going to work. As the whole situation is nearing its much-awaited end, we’re yet to see if anything will change in the office development. We’ve mentioned earlier that even big companies are following the coworking trend. Smaller ones are doing that also, even more. If you’re a small-time employer from Jersey, and willing to move your office to a coworking space, you’re in luck. New Jersey’s own skilled teams can deal with transfer, so you don’t lose your hair over your office relocation. New Jersey’s home to the best commercial moving crews on the East Coast. It’s no wonder Jersey’s one of the leading states when it comes to coworking popularity.

A man carrying a suitcase, going to work.

Who could’ve predicted people will miss going to work? It looks like there’s a fundamental human need to separate workspace from living space.

Cost savings

When renting coworking space, either as a self-employed freelancer or a small business owner, you’ll be paying no extra fees. You’ll pay a fixed monthly rent and that’s it. Your rent will cover costs like setting up the electrical work, buying new furniture, or creating networking infrastructure. These expenses can cost a lot when you’re renting a traditional office setting. By choosing to rent coworking space you won’t have to worry about them. Also, even the monthly rent in most coworking spaces is very affordable.

The freedom to move around

One thing that New Jersey professionals care about the most is, of course, freedom. Coworking space gives employees their much-needed sense of freedom. Imagine you can’t leave your cubicle every now and then to clear your thoughts or go outside for some fresh air, being afraid someone will tip you off to your boss or something like that. That kind of working conditions is a thing of the past. If you’re a Jersey business owner with a hunch for what’s best for your employees, there’s no way around renting coworking space. You can contact amplemoving.com, just to see how your relocating and redefining of office space will turn out. Don’t worry, your office inventory will be handled by experts. As we’ve mentioned earlier, Jersey’s home to the best moving services market on the East Coast.

A parked moving truck. One of the reasons why New Jersey professionals prefer coworking spaces are great commercial moving crews available in the area.

One of the reasons behind smaller businesses leaving behind the concept of traditional office space in New Jersey is great commercial movers available locally.

A unique atmosphere

There’s no doubt in the fact that coworking spaces have a unique atmosphere. That’s the fifth reason why New Jersey professionals prefer coworking. First of all – if you’re a freelancer you’ll enjoy getting to see different people all the time. It’s a punch in the face to the monotonous everyday working life of many US citizens. Many people suffer greatly under demotivating working conditions. Seeing different people every day will probably inspire some folks to think of various career scenarios. A coworking space is a place where ideas are shared frequently, and it adds up to the unique atmosphere and experience of working inside it.

A quick recap

There you have it. These were some of the reasons why New Jersey professionals prefer coworking to traditional offices. It’s a great way to meet new clients, taste some freedom, and share ideas with fellow professionals. Also, if you’re a Jersey business owner looking to relocate your office to coworking space, there are many amazing commercial moving crews available in the Jersey state area. Coworking space will also cost you less than traditional office rent.

Thank you for reading. Best of luck in your future endeavors.