Affordable apartments in Brooklyn

If you’re just now moving to another city, and you picked NYC, you’re most likely going to find this out: living here isn’t cheap. In fact, you will probably think that the first offer on the apartment is insane. Then, when you take a look at a few other places, you will still consider the rent unreasonable. Don’t worry, though. This is the norm in NYC. And, as soon as you get a job, your rent won’t seem that troublesome. Though, before making a long distance move to Brooklyn you should know a bit about hunting down affordable apartments in Brooklyn. We would like to give you some tips and clever hacks to keep in mind…

What you should know about apartment hunting in NYC…

The common belief is that finding an apartment is an easy thing. In New York, we take it a bit more competitively than in other cities, though. So, prepare to pay a lot of money, be paranoid about scams and end up with a ridiculously expensive rent in the end. Hence, before hiring one of the moving companies in Brooklyn, you should have a destination in mind. Here are the rules of hunting affordable apartment in Brooklyn:

  • You may hire a broker in NYC, but be prepared to pay more than usual
  • Being internet savvy is essential when looking for affordable apartments in Brooklyn
  • Learn all the signs of a possible scam before searching on Craigslist

If you want to find some affordable apartments in Brooklyn, you should be looking at…

If you’re looking at rent prices in Brooklyn, you will need a baseline…

Calculate your budget carefully before choosing an apartment in Brooklyn.

It is a Shakespearean question which we’re going to try and answer for you. How does one find good realty on the world market? Well, the most important thing is to know what you’re looking for. In NYC, finding low-cost housing is already a problem. If you’re not too sure what exactly you’re looking for, you’re in for a rough ride. Hence, here are some of the most useful questions you should be able to answer…

Do you know the limits of your rent budget?

If you’re one of the eager college freshmen looking for your first NYC apartment, this tends to be a common mistake. So, be sure that you skip it. There are plenty of websites which can give you some information about the daily costs of living in the Big Apple. Hence, before deciding what the limits of your rent are, check them out. This will help in deciding just how much you can afford, before getting a job in the city. If you’re looking for the most affordable apartments in Brooklyn, try bigger buildings. More tenants usually mean cheaper rent. Though, there are also a number of landlords who will offer an apartment for less if you have to do some extra work on them yourself. Don’t be afraid of a few DIY jobs when choosing your first NYC apartment.

Do you know the route you will take each day?

A nearby subway station is a necessity when choosing affordable apartments in Brooklyn.

Transportation in NYC is great – pick an apartment with easy access to it.

As you already may know, New York is one of the cities with a great transportation system. From the infamous subway to the numerous taxis cruising the streets, you’ll never be left stranded. So, how does the transportation impact your choice of affordable apartments in New York? Well, it’s only natural that you choose one close to work or school, right? If you ask any New Yorker what their daily route is, their answer will include ‘on foot’. So, our tip number one is: buy a pair of comfortable, durable shoes. Then, our second tip is: find an affordable home in New York with a convenient location subway-wise. After all, taxis and Uber rides will get expensive after a while. Having an apartment which is well connected to the subway is essential to living on a budget in NYC.

Do you only work, and what are your hobbies?

If you’re not a fan of our favorite residential beast – the subway – you may want to look for a convenient apartment on another scale. In other words, take a look at the neighborhood, as well as the rent and the flat. Check for a nearby convenience store, bank, laundry, etc. Having a great restaurant and nice park close is a good idea, as well. If you’ve got an apartment like this with an affordable rent, you may have just hit the jackpot.

Finally, you should know what to avoid when looking for low-cost rent apartments in NYC

As we’ve already mentioned, scams are a popular sport in New York. So, how should you tell apart an apartment scam in Brooklyn? Well, there are a few things which you should be on the lookout for. First, you need to remember that you shouldn’t pay any large sums of money upfront. Next, if it seems like too good of a deal it probably is. If you’re looking at listings online in NYC, bad grammar is a red flag on an ad. Sure, take a chance and look at it if it seems legit, but don’t keep your hopes up. Always ask for documentation from the landlord or the realtor regarding the apartment.

Scams are popular in NY – know the red flags before entering the game.

When looking for affordable apartments in NYC you need to recognize the red flags.

If you’re going to hire a broker in New York, you should keep your eyes wide open. The majority of fraudulent listings are run through a common ‘bait and switch’ scam. All of these require a broker who isn’t really a realtor. Hence, be wary when hiring one to find you some affordable apartments in Brooklyn. Check their credentials and keep an eye out for their name. The name should match on their business card, id and any other documentation they offer you. Remember the ‘bait and switch’. This means that a broker will show you an apartment which is great. But, as soon as you express some interest in it, these affordable apartments in Brooklyn will become unavailable. Then, the realtor will start taking you around town and showing you other, not so amazing, flats. Sure, this sometimes may be the situation, as NYC is a rather competitive market. However, twice is a coincidence and thrice is a scam. Keep an eye out on your broker and make sure that they are properly looking for an apartment for you.