Avoid common mistakes homesellers make

So,you have decided to sell your house and move to greener pastures or to a better piece of real estate. As you might already know selling your house is a complex process. You will want to get a perfect price and find the right buyer. This is probably the dream of every homeseller. It is important to collect an abundance of information from the real estate market. You also ought to hire a good and reliable real estate agent. There are a lot of factors you should take into consideration. How to set the right price, prepare your house to be sold, choose the right time to sell and so on, are quite important questions. He who works, makes mistakes, but we hope to inform you and give you some advice on how to make this a success story. You will learn how to avoid common mistakes homesellers make.

Make your home presentable

The first impression is the most important one. If you have potential buyers coming over you should make your home presentable. Be sure to make it sparkle and it will surely dazzle that buyer. Your home should be clean and tidy. Be sure that there are no bad smells and dirty bits. If the buyers love your home they will be more likely to buy it. So make your little piece of heaven look cozy and homey. You can play some relaxing music, put a lot of pillows all over your home, light some candles here and there. This should do the trick.

Avoid common mistakes homesellers make

Make your home look cozy and presentable

Set the right price

When it comes to setting the price of your home you should check the real estate prices and consult your real estate agent. You will probably get some advice, but the final decision is up to you. Do not exaggerate with the price. If you set it too high you will not get a lot of people interested. Your house might become one of those stale houses that don’t get sold in time.In that case you will be forced to sell for a lower price anyway. Make the starting price reasonable and attractive, not too high and not too low. Don;t be afraid to change the price during the negotiation process. Give yourself a chance to stay flexible.

Avoid common mistakes homesellers make

Don’t set the price too high

Avoid the dangers of open inspections,one of the common mistakes homesellers make

Open inspections can be a double-edged sword. They might bring the potential buyer more quickly, but there are also a lot of downsides to this choice. There can be some security risks and property damaging risks. When agents bring a lot of people to your home for an open inspection, you can have difficulty keeping everything under control. Most of the people who appear might not even be buyers but just lookers or nosy neighbors. What your agent can do is have interviews with potential buyers and make a selection. You will want qualified buyers to come and see your home. Set your rules and demands and make your agent choose the right people.

Beware of bait pricing

The famous bait pricing is a very common strategy some real estate agents use to attract buyers. It does not mean that it is the best solution. The agent that opts for this may set the price to low and than you might not get the sum of money you expected. This can be a dreadful trap because even if the buyer can afford to pay more, he will insist on this lowest bait price that was offered.

Stay away from auctions

When you want to sell your home, do stay away from auctions, and we mean it. If you want to make a good and affordable deal this is not the way.This is one of the typical mistakes homesellers make Auctions are a kind of fraud of the real estate industry and we will list a couple of reasons why :

  • Auctions are the worst way to sell because you get the lowest prices.
  • It is the agents who will profit out of the auction,and not you.Yes,that reserve price they will tell you to accept is the lowest price.
  • Auctions are a way for the agents to condition you to sell

So the bottom line is that you should simply avoid them.That would be your best choice.

Avoid common mistakes homesellers make

Auction might not leave you smiling

Don’t pay too much commission

When it comes to commission you ought to be extra careful.This is a point your agents might use to get money from you, so inform yourself about this issue in time. If the house sells at a lower price than the one your agent set in an agreement, you should not pay any commission. This is also one of  the mistakes homesellers make quite often. When it comes to commission here are the things to pay attention to :

  • Never pay any money in advance.Not until they sell your house.
  • If they ask you to sign papers that make you pay money if your house doesn’t get sold, just say NO.
  • Don’t be too trusting when it comes to agents who want to give you a discount. They will probably discount the price of your beloved house.So remember to negotiate the price when the time comes to sell your house
  • Another way they might make you pay more money is the ‘Bonus Fee’. If you agree to a bonus fee you will promise to pay a bonus if the house is sold for a higher price than the one your agent promised.You do not need to do this. You are already paying a fair price to your agent.

Don’t fail to complain if something goes wrong

The real estate agency or agent can cheat on you or trick you. You should know that you have rights that nobody should violate. As a user and consumer on the real estate market the law has to protect you.  If you don’t complain you will encourage the mistreatment of other people who will be in your position. If someone violates your rights you should contact the Department of Fair Trading. 

So these are some advice we hope will make you house selling easier and more efficient. You should set the right price, make your home presentable and always know your rights. We hope you will avoid some of these common mistakes homesellers make. Hopefully you will put the following sign on your house soon.


Avoid common mistakes homesellers make

Hopefully you will put up this sign soon