Best Austin neighborhoods for dog owners

Do you own a dog? Do you find the thought of leaving your dog behind impossible? After reading about these best Austin neighborhoods for dog owners, you’ll be compelled to contact professional movers and relocate there immediately. After all, the city recently took the top spot on a list of cities that welcome pets. Your canine friend will love this great location. You can find numerous routes, off-leash playgrounds to explore, and dog-friendly establishments here.

Let’s start with East Austin

In East Austin, dogs outnumber kids two to one, according to new research.  All canines from the east side love to hang out at Norwood Estate Park. This dog park is close to East Riverside. With five acres of area to explore, lots of coverage from the sun, and water bowls, spending an afternoon in this neighborhood is amazing. Here you will find double gates and a small dog enclosure away from the central section for dogs. This public space is open to everyone without payment. If you want to overlook your pup while playing, you have benches all around. To get here, on the other hand, you might want to hire movers to give you a hand and talk to them about dog transportation.

A dog walking the streets of one of the best Austin neighborhoods for dog owners.
This is a great place to start your research.

Zilker is also one of the best Austin neighborhoods for dog owners

Do you know where Lady Bird Lake is? Well, this neighborhood is very close by. One of the loveliest neighborhoods in Austin, with lots of greenery that is perfect for dogs. Playing fetch with your pup and frisbee would be perfect in the open areas of Zilker Park. It is among the dog-friendliest play spots in the city. Make sure to check it out as soon as possible and see if you can imagine yourself living here. Suppose you can, start packing. And if packing seems overwhelming, ask specialists to help you do it, aka professional movers that specialize in it, as well. Once you’re done packing and have successfully moved, you’ll be able to enjoy everything that Zilker has to offer. That said, the Butler Hiking and Bike Path, the athletic fields, kite flying, dining, and off-leash pet play are all available to Austin residents.

having fun with friends
You can have a blast in Zilker, one of the fantastic Austin neighborhoods for dog owners.

The third on our list is Hyde Park

This is a great place for renters. This wonderful community north of the famous UT campus is another great place for dog lovers. Dogs of all breeds and sizes like hanging out in Hyde Park’s Shipe Park. It’s easy to see why Shipe Park is popular. The park is ideally situated right in the middle of the community.

It is the ideal size for swimming, picnicking, playing, and even exploring! No matter where you find a home in the neighborhood, the park will be close-by. Hyde Park is one of the many Austin neighborhoods for dog owners that offers a pleasant location to reside away from the bustle of downtown Austin. The park’s name was given by its founder, Martin Shipe, who started promoting the Hyde Park area as a great location for raising kids.