Best Canada long-distance relocation companies

Moving is complex there is no question about it. It causes stress and is difficult to handle. However, with good preparation and management of this process, it is doable. However, it also demands a lot of help. Preferably you need help from reputable and professional movers to complete it successfully. Even when moving multiple times you should hire professional movers to be on the safe side. But keep in mind that the whole process can prove to be a disaster if you put your trust in untrustworthy movers. So, it is important to make sure that your selected movers meet all of the criteria to do the job. To help you out in this research and choice you can consult this short guide. Here you will find the list of the best Canada long-distance relocation companies you can choose from.

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What you should know

Finding the right movers is not easy. It takes time and a lot of research and preparation. In order to find movers that will be trustworthy and professional to handle your move right, you have to research. There are plenty of movers offering their services, however not many can meet the criteria.

Storage facility service that Best Canada long-distance relocation companies provide
There are many services these movers provide

To be certain that a mover can do the job correctly here is what it must provide:

  • A good record. Customer reviews, testimonies, and references are good sources of information,
  • It should have accreditation from the Canadian Mover’s Association and Better Business Bureau. Being well-accredited is a good reference
  • The mover must be insured and provide insurance that guarantees that your belongings will be well taken care of
  • The company should provide a full set of moving services. You can choose which lines you will use or whether to use all of them.

Steps in finding a mover

There are a few steps to help you out in finding the right mover

  • Choose a good timing
  • Gather the information
  • Read reviews
  • Get a quote
  • Compare

Choose a good timing

Start looking for movers as soon as possible. Good movers will likely be booked so you won’t be able to hire them on short notice. Try to contact them well in advance and book them well ahead of your moving date.

Gather the information

Try to get all of the information you can by research. There are plenty of sources of data online that you can use. You can also ask around to gather any info about reputable companies in the area. Also, ask for recommendations about good service companies from your friends and family.

Read reviews

Online reviews are a great way to assess the company and find a reliable one. Online reviews can help you narrow down the company that will provide the best service. In addition, they will let you know about the additional services the companies offer.

Get a quote

Try to gather quotes from your chosen companies. This is important in making your final decision. Getting the quote allows you to see and choose the company based on your budget and finances. To get the most realistic quote try to be as realistic as possible about your moving needs, the number of things you have to transport, etc

A crew loading the truck
Quality movers can satisfy all of your moving needs


One of the pieces of advice that you should take is to do some research and shop around. Hiring the first company is not the best option. By doing more research you could find other companies that are reliable but at a better price. It might also help you to spot the hidden moving costs that you can avoid. Comparing their quotes, reviews, and services they provide can only benefit you as you will be able to choose the best option for your needs.

Finding the right movers

When it comes to hiring the right movers making the list of some of the best Canada long-distance relocation companies is a good start. Learn more about them and what they can offer.

Riverbend Movers

To alleviate as much of the moving stress as possible you can hire Riverbend Movers. This company offers a set of moving services to choose from or a full-service move adapted to your needs. The offer they provide is based on the understanding of the customer needs and the anticipations of their requirements. The company guarantees a safe and secure move and the complete safety of your belongings.

Two Small Men

With over 100 trucks and 30 offices in Canada, Two Small Men are the largest independent moving company in North America. They are great at long-distance moving but provide much more. Their 250 employees offer a full set of moving services both residential and commercial as well as storage service and vehicle relocation. The company is detailed, professional, and efficient. Their referrals are great and customer reviews have the highest praise for the company.

Centennial Moving

This company specializes in long-distance relocation and offers a lot of additional services to their customers. The company is perfect for big jobs that require punctuality and secure and smooth relocation. Centennial Moving offers a state of the art equipment and trucks as well as full storage solutions, packing materials, and services. As such this is the company of choice for long-distance moves that has a reputation that speaks for itself.

Atlantic Coast Movers

Atlantic Coast Movers have a skilled staff that can take the burden off and provides you with a great moving plan. With their expertise, they are able to take the burden and stress from you during the moving process. As such they offer a trustworthy moving option for your long-distance moving needs. These movers provide a flexible long-distance moving solution and are among the prestigious companies in the business. The services they provide encompass car relocation, storage, long haul, and organizing solutions and systems.

Movers loading furniture
Loading and unloading, packing and unpacking are just some of the services that Canada long-distance relocation companies provide

Avoid the scammers

There is more that you must do in order to find the right mover. It is important to make a thorough research to avoid moving scams and prevent any problems that might arise when choosing the wrong kind of moving company.

In short

Although a long-distance move is not easy it is a process that you can manage. With the help of some of the best Canada long-distance relocation companies, it can be simple and easy. So, try to do your research and hire the company that is able to suit your needs in the best possible way.