Best cities for young couples in Washington State

Although Washington state often gets confused with the DC area it is quite a distinct state. Washington is one of the most desirable states to live in. If you consider that it is called the Evergreen state you really don’t have to wonder why that is so. With its breathtaking nature and beauty, it is a place that many people wish to move to and make their residence. This is also the case with young people. Being that it’s a magnet for newcomers let’s try to explore some of the best cities for young couples in Washington State. This list might come in handy if you consider moving here.

About the state

As already stated this is the place of exquisite natural beauty and wonder. It is the state of wast wilderness rumored to be the home of Bigfoot. It is also home to two volcanoes and many glaciers. The natural beauty and beautiful landscapes are perfect for many outdoor activities and fun. At the same time, it offers an escape from hectic workdays at the office. Although a great producer of apples the state is also a great business center. Some of the world’s biggest companies call this state home. From Microsoft, Amason to Starbucks the state is home to many big company HQs. As such it has a developed economy and offers plenty of career opportunities. This is the main reason why young professionals tend to move here. And not only that, there is a lot of interest in cities for young couples in Washington State.

Couple laying on the grass
There are many great places to settle down in WA

The interest from young couples in Washington state stems from the fact that the state offers some great job opportunities. As it is one of the states with the highest per capita income it is also perfect for ambitious professionals. But in addition, the nature and other amenities and facts make it perfect for starting a family. These are the main reasons why young couples are interested in moving to Washington. In addition, with professional moving assistance from, their transfer to the State is easy and effortless. When you consider all this here is the list of cities that young couples are mostly drawn by:

  • Olympia
  • Bellevue
  • Lynnwood
  • Mill Creek
  • Redmond
  • Newcastle
  • North Bend


The capital Olimpia is one of the best cities for young couples in Washington State. This is the place that many young couples and families are moving to frequently. It is an affordable place that has many family-friendly amenities and a great education system. However, the economy is strong and the main magnet for young professionals from all over.


With a population of over 140.000 people, this is the third-largest city in the state. The city is great for many outdoor activities. There is always something to do and experience. This is a city with a strong economy and many job opportunities. Affordability, parks, and beautiful nature are drawing in young professionals and couples. Making friends with similar interests here is easy.


Another great city for young couples is Lynnwood. With many young people moving in this city offers plenty of opportunities to make friends and have fun. From the great outdoors to one of the many restaurants, shops, and parks there is always something to do. At the same time, you can find a good job here easily. If you also consider that you can move and settle in with no hassle this is making Lynnwood a highly desirable place.

Olympia WA
Olympia is one of the best places to find home

Mill Creek

Another small city with a population of 20.000 inhabitants is Mills Creek. This small city offers some peace and quiet and an escape from large bustling cities. However, this is a place that always offers something new for you to do. The area is full of young professional couples making it easy to find friends to spend time with. This city doesn’t let you get bored making it perfect for young people.


Redmond is located only 16 miles from Seattle. It is perfectly placed to provide the best of both worlds. It is easy to get to Seattle and experience some big city living and exploit its amenities. As such it’s also a great place to buy a second home in WA. This is also great for commuters looking to work there. At the same time, it offers some peace and quiet of the small town with only 63.000 inhabitants. Like many similar towns in WA, it has great nature, many outdoor possibilities, and amenities as well as a good job market.


Although considered to be the suburb of Seattle this small city is the perfect destination for young couples. You can explore and enjoy many public parks here and other amenities that the city has to offer. There is a lot to do here and Seattle is only a step away so there are many reasons for couples to move here. Moving here is simple and easy with proper moving assistance. Local movers here offer a wide array of services. From a professional relocation, professional packing to a place for excess items you can get any service you need. Moving here is not only a desirable proposition but also a simple process

Couple looking at a house
Finding a great place to live is easy

North Bend

North bend is one of the smallest cities on the list. With a population of 7000 inhabitants, it is a place that is quiet and great to find refuge in. Many young couples move here to enjoy the peace and quiet as well as the untouched nature. On the other side, this city still offers great job options. It is also great for starting a family so it’s no wonder why couples are choosing this area.

It’s easy to conclude that Washington State has a lot to offer to anyone looking to move here. It is particularly great for young people, couples, and professionals. There are a great many cities for young couples in Washington State to choose from. If you are considering this, do your research. With the proper insight, you can find the place that is perfect for you. Here is only a short list to get you started.