Best cities to buy a house in Michigan

Michigan is an amazing state to live in but very underrated in our opinion. This is why we decided to write a little bit more about Michigan. This is a beautiful state with a lot of nature, lovely towns, beautiful homes, and plenty of other things that make it the perfect state for just about anyone. Plenty of elderly people move to Michigan but a lot of young people have started moving here as well. And there are plenty of reasons why you should consider doing the same. And if you already did, here is where you can read more about some of the best cities in Michigan. But as there are plenty of amazing cities in Michigan to talk about, we decided to write about the best cities to buy a house in Michigan.

Michigan is an amazing state for investing in real estate. The homes are amazing and they aren’t expensive either. The average home prices in Michigan are lower than the national average. This isn’t a common thing so use this advantage while you still can as the home prices are always on the rise. Especially in some of the cities that we are going to mention below. If you decide to move to Michigan, you won’t need to think about relocating to a country with cheap real estate.

Michigan is one of the most affordable states and one of the most beautiful ones as well.


The first city we want to tell you more about is Birmingham. This is a city located less than an hour away from downtown Detroit. This means that you could be working in Detroit and living in Birmingham. And this is a great thing for those who don’t earn a lot of money. Detroit is a bit cheaper than Birmingham and not everyone can afford to live there. This is why living less than an hour away is a great option. The two cities are well-connected as well as they are close to each other.

The city of Birmingham is very safe. In fact, it is known for being one of the safest cities in the state. This is why not a lot of people leave Birmingham after moving there. And you most likely won’t either. Once you get your belongings to your newly acquired residence you won’t have the need to leave this city for longer periods. You might decide on moving within the city though, to a bigger home, a neighborhood closer to your child’s school, or any other reason that you might have.

Why leaving Birmingham isn’t something you will have to do? Well, this is a city that offers everything you need. It is a suburb where you will live peacefully but there are plenty of things for you to do here as well. Restaurants, stores, and boutiques are to be found everywhere. Amazing schools are to be found here too. This means a lot to parents and it is a very important piece of information for most of them. You can easily relocate to Birmingham with

Michigan is a state with a lot of nature and Birmingham shows a lot of it.


A beautiful city outside of the capital of the state. It isn’t as cheap as Birmingham is but it is as much of a lovely town as Birmingham is. This is a very diverse town to live in and there are plenty of job opportunities here. This is why a lot of young people have started moving to Okemos over the last few years. The economy is flourishing here as well as the real estate market. This is exactly because a lot of people have begun moving to Okemos. Plenty of people from Lansing moved to Okemos as well.

The Red Cedar River passes through the city. This means that there are plenty of places for you to sit outside or take walk, go jogging, ride a bike, and do plenty of other things with the people you love. Okemos has plenty of parks, a lot of them near the Red Cedar River.

East Lansing, which is a college town, is close as well. This means that a lot of students live in Okemos. And this is surely a good thing. This makes the city more lively. There are bars here where you can go out for a drink and have a good time.

If planning to buy a house in Michigan, Okemos is the perfect place for doing that. The home prices are low and the homes are amazing. This is surely one of the best places in the world to invest in a home.

Having a river in the city that is surrounded by nature creates a very unique look of the city.

East Grand Rapids

If thinking to buy a house in Michigan, East Grand Rapids is a great place. Especially for retirees. This is a small city with a very lovely lake with the name Reeds Lake. You will be able to live a suburban life here to the fullest. This is a very peaceful city with plenty of outdoor activities for you to do. Besides there being plenty of parks and nature, you can also enjoy a tennis court. There are a couple of great restaurants in the city as well. You will love spending time outside if you decide to buy a house in Michigan, especially East Grand Rapids.

Great schools is a reason why a family should move to East Grand Rapids. Have in mind that homes here are a bit more expensive. This is because most of the homes are big and have big backyards. East Grand Rapids is actually a suburb of Grand Rapids if you couldn’t tell already. But Grand Rapids is cheaper than East Grand Rapids. This is actually an exclusive city and hence why the prices are higher.


There are plenty of amazing cities for you to choose from if planning to buy a house in Michigan. These are just a couple of them that we think are the best. But doing more research is always suggested. As you never know what to expect from America’s real estate market, it is best to invest now before the prices rise.