Best counties in New Jersey for first-time homebuyers

Let’s check out together some of the best counties in New Jersey because this is a great state for first-time homebuyers and if you are planning to buy your first home soon – you choose the best place for it. New Jersey is often compared to New York since they are neighboring states. What you should know is that living in New Jersey has many perks. Even New Yorkers are moving to New Jersey. That is not a coincidence. The prices are reasonable, it’s peaceful and people are friendly. What more can a person ask for? Even though the whole state is great and pretty much any county you choose can be a great place for you (and maybe your family) we singled out a few most popular counties for you. Just to make sure that your research later will be easier.

A list of the best counties in New Jersey

  • Sussex County
  • Union County
  • Essex County
  • Burlington County
  • Warren County
  • Hudson County

We considered many factors like prices, how good they are for young families, schools there, safety and many others. The six we choose are simply the best out of the best and we strongly believe that any one of them can be a great choice for you. Make sure to research all six before making a final decision. If you have any problem choosing the right one you can always make a pros and cons list. Writing everything down will make the decision-making process easier later on. House hunting on the other hand can be much harder.

making lists when choosing counties in New Jersey

Take notes while researching and later on making a decision will be much easier.

Sussex County

This area possesses rich deposits of iron ore. Mining iron was pretty much everything they did here in the 18th century. Nowadays it’s a completely different picture. This county is a great place for young families. The schools here are above average which is an important factor for parents. If you want a dense suburban feel, then this is the perfect place for you. Most residents here own their homes which is great for you since you won’t be changing neighbors every few months. That can be very annoying. If you like this county make sure to research Sparta Township, Hampton Township, Stillwater Township, and Franklin Borough. Big yard houses are not a rarity here.

a forest in Sussex county

Sussex County can offer you a lot of beautiful nature.

Union County

This county is known as one that’s the most ethnically diverse in New Jersey. Which has many perks. When you mix all cultures and races you get a place with the best food and friendliest neighbors. This is a great place to live and the prices are right which is a very important factor for first-time homebuyers. Another great thing about living in Union County is the greenery. You will be surrounded by amazing nature which means the air is less polluted. If you plan to relocate here make sure to call experts who know the area to help you out. Moving in can be stressful but if you hire locals that can be done easily and in no time.

Essex County

This is the second-most populous county and Newark is the most popular place in this county. Essex County College is very popular so if you happen to have teenagers make sure to check it out. This can be a perfect place for first-time homebuyers because they have some very supportive housing programs and you can see all about that if you check the Essex County official webpage. If you after that decide to relocate here hiring professional movers will make your experience simple.

Moving to any of those counties in New Jersey

After we showed you our list of the best counties in New Jersey, we singled out the best of the best for first-time homebuyers. We won’t be talking much about finances because that varies for everybody. You alone know best about it and you can always go to the bank and discuss your finances with them. We want to talk about the hardest part after making a decision and buying a home for yourself – relocation. We already told you that hiring professional movers like is the best practice. They can make relocation much easier for you.

The stress-free relocation

This is not a myth. It’s completely possible. All you need to do to get it is call movers and set the date. But you might want to consider a full-service moving company. They can help you with all aspects of relocation starting from the packing – they know the secret to a perfect packing plan. What most people don’t know is that settling in and unpacking is actually the hardest part. Mainly because you are tired after all that moving mess. That’s why local movers are the best solution. They can get you settled in no time.

Mover getting ready for relocation

Movers can make everything much easier so don’t hesitate to call them and see how they can be of help.


These are not just random letters. This is a program available for New Jersey home buyers you need to research and see if you qualify for it. This is a program specially designed for first-time home buyers. The whole point of it is to use it as a down payment and closing cost assistance when buying your home in this state no matter which county you choose. The value of it is $10,000 and no matter how much money you have, this can help so make sure to get familiar whit this program. Good luck with buying your first home and no matter which county you choose, you will surely be very happy there.