Best Family Vacation

Traveling with your whole family can be stressful and overwhelming. Many new and soon-to-be parents often worry about how will the new addition to the family affect their long-awaited vacations and trips. Little kids can often get impatient and moody, so it’s important to add some engaging kid-friendly activities to your traveling schedule.

Don’t worry: many wonderful destinations all around the world have families in mind and offer countless attractions and activities catered specifically to children. Plan your perfect family vacation, which is both fun and educational, and visit one of the destinations we picked for you.

Paris, France

Paris is universally accepted as one of the most breathtaking and popular destinations in the entire world. The famous city of light is, unsurprisingly, an ideal fit for every member of the family, thanks to the diverse range of activities it offers.

No tour of Paris is complete without a visit to the Eiffel tower, the iconic symbol of the city. Even the youngest visitors will certainly enjoy the exciting ascent to the top, rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Parisian skyline.

Kids will also love the stroll in one of the parks and public gardens or a traditional French picnic near the famous river of Seine. Vibrant alleys and squares of Montmartre adorned with colorful street art can also pique the interest of the youngest tourists.

A must-see place for all families is Disneyland Paris, a magical theme park that will manage to entertain both adventure-loving youth and parents alike. Take a break from all the stress of everyday life and step into a magical place, where fairytales come to life. Take a ride with Jack Sparrow and his pirate crew, dive under the sea and meet the Little Mermaid, or face the challenging Tower of Tower.

Picture of Eiffel tower
The youngest visitors love Eiffel tower

Maui, Hawaii

While searching for a perfect family-oriented vacation in Hawaii, Maui probably isn’t the first destination that comes to mind. However, the sunny island provides a safe and fun trip, suitable for the entire family.

The lifestyle of Hawaii was always tied to the breathtaking sea encircling the islands. Unsurprisingly, while visiting the majestic Maui, you and your family can engage in many ocean-related adventures. Dive beneath the surface and explore the colorful marine wildlife or visit the world-renowned Maui Ocean Center. You can also surprise your starry-eyed kids with an imaginative Hawaii Mermaid Adventures tour.

Beaches of Maui are a special sight to behold and an obligatory part of every tour of the island. The island offers many lovely beaches that are both fun and safe. On some of them, your kids can even take a surfing lesson. 

Take a chance to experience the Hawaiian culture. Learning about traditional hula dance will captivate your children’s attention. It’s a perfect opportunity to let your kids learn more about the unique crafts, dances, ceremonies, and games of Hawaiian islands.

Sunset in Hawaii suggesting that this is a perfect destination for family vacation
Sunsets in Maui are breathtaking

Vienna, Austria

The capital of Austria has been named the world’s most liveable city for nine years in a row. It’s not surprising that Vienna offers a diverse variety of family-friendly activities. Most of Vienna’s museums assembled exhibitions and tours primarily aimed at children. Unlike Paris, Vienna is not an overcrowded tourism hotspot, which makes the city a relatively peaceful destination suitable for families.

Start your Austrian adventure with a tour through the gorgeous city center. Here, you can catch a ride in a traditional two-horse carriage and experience the unique sightseeing of Vienna. Children will, without doubt, enjoy the company of the beautiful Lipizzaner horses.

The Vienna State Opera, the world’s most famous opera house, organizes special age-appropriate shows. Grab this special opportunity to bring your kids closer to the fascinating world of classical music. 

Another must-see attraction of the Austrian capital is the gorgeous palace Schönbrunn. Its imperial gardens are free to enter and offer plenty of child-friendly activities, such as hedge maze and horse-riding. Tiergarten, the world’s oldest zoo, is also located in the gardens of Schönbrunn. It houses more than 700 species of animals, including penguins, pandas, and mysterious orangutans.

The photo of Schönbrunn gardens
The whole family will love Schönbrunn gardens

Don’t be afraid to venture outside of the capital and explore the picturesque landscapes of the Austrian countryside. With its stunning nature and safe, organized trails, Austria is a fantastic place for hiking with your loved ones. Zell am See, Kufstein, and Lienz are great destinations for the whole family.

If you want to learn more about these fascinating destinations, you can head over to our blog Best family vacation. There, you can find comprehensive information about ticket prices, accommodation, and other useful tips that will help you plan your flawless family-centered vacation. Enjoy your trip!