Best Illinois places to move to in 2021

If you are looking for the best Illinois places to move to you are in the right place. We will explore some great cities but also rural areas where you just might find your new home soon enough. Illinois is becoming a more popular destination each year. There is a reason for that of course. This state is one of the best places to live if you want to live in the country. Costs of living are very reasonable and housing is also quite affordable. So all that sounds like a good place for relocation but choosing where exactly to move to can be quite hard. You need to do a lot of research and thinking but we will help you out. So, here is a list of some popular places you should at least consider and research more.

Northbrook – the first among Illinois places to move to

This is a suburb of Chicago located on the border of Lake County. This is a very nice village that has great schools, food, and shopping available for its residents. It’s considered to be safe according to the FBI crime rates. This place is one of the most vibrant communities on Chicago’s North Shore and it even has a downtown with some upscale restaurants, coffee shops, and great shopping boutiques. How is that for a village? This is a perfect place for people with kids that want to enjoy all the perks of suburbs but still be close to the big town. If you plan on relocating here you should call movers when you arrive and let experts help you settle in. That way you can start exploring this place right away and won’t be bothered with endless unpacking on your own.


The website Niche ranks Evanston as the #1 Best Place to Live in Cook County which is a real honor for any city. They say this is a trendy and urban city perfect for young professionals but still plenty of parks available for relaxing or picnic. Evanston was rated the fourth wealthiest town in the Midwest. This city is known for its architecture and beautiful homes on the lake which can be great for both young couples as well as retirees. If you decide to settle here turn to teams nearby to help you out with all the things you might need. They have a variety of services that can help you go through this process quickly and stress-free.

East Moline

Many people consider this town to be the cheapest for living. Yes, this town is very affordable especially when it comes to housing or utilities. This is the main attraction of course but there is a lot more to this city than just being affordable for living. This town is a center for agriculture. Public schools in this town are above average which is very good since this is also an area with a dense suburban feel surrounded by lots of parks where kids can enjoy themselves.

A key shaped house chain you might use for your house keys once you move to one of the best Illinois places to move to in 2021.

This might be your new home, how do you like that?


Another suburban city but quite a wealthy one. Public schools in this town are also very good so if you have kids you should also check this city out too. People in this town are obviously very religious since this town has the second most churches per capita. A religious community can be a nice place for you if you are religious too.


Albany is a village in Whiteside County. There are fewer than 1000 people living in this village which some will love and some will hate. Housing prices are very affordable here and there is plenty of land for sale. If this sounds good for you then you should call up movers like to help you out with this relocation.

Choosing where to live

As you can see there is something great about all those Illinois places but you need to be the one to decide which one will work best for you. You should also talk to your family members and include them in this difficult decision. Consider their needs and wishes too. You can also do thorough research before choosing and consult your family members as well as your friends and loved ones they all have your best interest in mind so they will be glad to help out. Make sure to organize a moving-out party before you go as a thank you to your friends that helped you along the way.

packed moving boxes before they are loaded onto a moving truck

Do something nice for your friends before you go and make sure to stay in touch.

Buying a house

When you decide where exactly you want to live your next step will be buying a house of course. That is never easy since you have a budget to consider but many other factors as well. How many rooms, how many bathrooms, do you want a backyard, and about a hundred similar questions you need to ask yourself and decide before you start looking at houses. After that, you will need to go to your bank and ask everything about how can you do this. This part is different for everyone but what is usual is that you will be needing a downpayment that’s usually around 10%. Also, the better the credit score you have the better the mortgage rate you will be able to get.

A hand holding dollar banknotes.

Luckily houses in this are quite affordable.

Moving to one of the best Illinois places to move to in 2021

Is it finally the time to move to one of those Illinois places? Hurrah! This is a very exciting time for you. Also quite challenging, but that’s relocation for you. They tend to be quite hard. Don’t worry soon enough this will all be just one big adventure that you will tell your kids about. Also, you shouldn’t worry if you need some time to start feeling here at home. Everyone needs some time to adjust and adapt to a new house and neighborhood let alone a new state so take your time. Meeting new friends from the neighborhood will speed up the process of course.