Best NJ cities for families

Do you and your family find you hometown boring or maybe you found a great new opportunity in New Jersey? No matter the reason you move you want to know what are the best NJ cities for families. It is not a simple thing to find the right city for your family. Many cities are not that welcoming to families. You need to do a lot of research on the city that is right for you and your family. This research can be very hard and time-consuming. However, time is the most valuable thing while you move. The sooner you reach the decision the sooner you will move. This is why we have gathered the information about the best NJ you can move in with your family, so you can have a nice home and peace of mind because your family is happy in their new city.

Princeton one of the best NJ cities for families

Princeton is a town in New Jersey with a large population of about 30,000 people. It is in Mercer Country, it offers its residents a suburban feeling, most of these residents own their homes. This means you will need to check the prices for buying a home. It is one of the best cities in NJ for families. There are many factors for this. The public schools are rated very highly, so your kids will have a great education. When we talk about education in Princeton we can not avoid the Princeton University, one of the most prestigious universities in the whole country. You could move here just for the education, but wait there is more. Princeton also offers many restaurants, parks, playgrounds so your kids will always have something to do. There are also many coffee shops so you will never get bored either.

Princeton University

Princeton University is one of many reasons why Princeton is one of the best NJ cities for families


Feel safe in Short Hills with your loved ones

Short Hills is a suburb of New Jersey, it has a population of about 12,000 people. It is located in Essex Country. It is one of the best NJ cities for families. The city feels very safe. You can go out at night and you will feel safe. It has an amazing high school education, this is also the case with middle school and elementary school education. This town has a great location that enables easy commuting to New York. This is just one of the benefits of living in this town.  If you live in New York and you want to move to New Jersey. But you still want to be connected to people from New York Short Hills is one of the best  NJ cities for you. If you chose Short Hill it will be a stress-free household relocation. It is one of the best NJ cities since as we mentioned, it is safe and it is located really near NY.

Happy family holding their hands

Short Hills is a great choice for families that still have connections to people from New York

Madison’s education is on the highest level in NJ

Madison New Jersey is located in Norris Country with a population of about 16,000 people. It is also known as Rose city in honor of President James Madison. In this beautiful town, you and your kids will never be bored. There are many parks, playgrounds, restaurants which will give you many options on where to go and spend some free time with your family. Madison is also good for education with 3 elementary schools. For higher education, the most notable is the Drew University which was founded in 1867 and continues to operate in Madison. With all these things that make Madison so great for your loved ones, this city can be a very easy choice for families to move to. If you want to move to Madison you will need advice about moving. Moving of America – NJ Movers has gathered information about moving to various cities in New Jersey. They have enough experience to help you with any request you might have.


A huge classroom

Madison is a city that provides a great education, which is why you should definitely consider it

Pleasantville is very affordable for family life

Pleasantville Is located in the Atlantic Country, with a population around 20,000 dollars. This is one of the best NJ cities for families that are tight on budget. With home prices around 157,000 dollars for an average house which is very affordable. Another thing you should about this city moneywise is that it the average resident of Pleasantville earns around 40,000 dollars. Those numbers will be enough to own a property and have a very comfortable life, you will be able to pay for all the necessities and more. Do not let these prices scare you away. This city has decent education options and a low crime rate. It is very close to Atlantic City. This will mean that you will be able to enjoy all the attractions of Atlantic city while you live in a small town away from all that noise.


Pleasantville is onne of the best NJ cities for families that is located near Atlantic city

Pleasantville has affordable house prices, it is close to Atlantic City and it is quiet and peaceful

New Jersey is an amazing state. It has many interesting options on cities to move to. It can be quite difficult to find the right city for yourself, not to mention finding a city right for your entire family. You need to research many different options and this can take a large amount of time. Time is the most precious resource that you have. This is especially important when you move to another city with your family. You can not make such a decision on your own, you will need to talk to your family until you reach an agreement. All this will take a big amount of time, which you should not waste on such things like researching on your own. Knowing this we wrote this article to make your first and the largest step of deciding which are the best NJ cities for families.