Best tips on moving by yourself

Moving is always stressful. Whether you are moving for the first or the tenth time. Whether the move is long distance or just down the street. You just can’t avoid the stress moving brings. And moving by yourself is worse than moving with a family. It requires a lot of planning ahead, lists and a lot of time to do it. Because you are doing everything alone, it’s best to start on time. So beginning to pack and declutter a month or two before the move is the best first step you can make. If you leave everything for the last minute, you won’t make it better for yourself at all. So starting early, in this case, means starting on time.

Moving by yourself – the beginning

The thing you need to do before you even start packing is to purchase or rent packing supplies. So getting these items in the first thing on your moving agenda:


Staying organized when moving by yourself is most important.

Making sure you have theseĀ before you start packing is key. We recommend that you find these supplies as cheap as possible. After all, you will throw a big majority of it away after your move. Plus, it’s good to deduct moving expenses as much as possible, and this is one of many ways to do just that.

The first part of packing – decluttering

Now that you have your supplies it is time to hire a moving company. If you are moving long distance, it is best to hire a company that allows you to track your “shipment”. This is available at After you’ve done that it is time to start decluttering. Decluttering is an unskippable process that must be done. Moving stuff that you don’t need and don’t use is just a waste of money and space. These are usually old clothes, books, knick-knacks, etc. These are of course things you can either donate or sell. Or do both. Do whatever as long as you declutter.


Decluttering is an important step to every move.

And of course, there will be certain things that you don’t need but you don’t want to throw away. These are usually things with sentimental values such as old gifts or something from your parents or grandparents. If you can’t find them a place in your new home, it’s best that you rent storage.

Packing tips

While you are decluttering you will begin the packing process. Our tip is that you go and pack and declutter room by room. So don’t go all over the place. Start with the things you don’t need on an everyday basis. These things are books, knick-knacks, decoration pieces, paintings, etc. Don’t forget to pack them nicely. This means wrapping them in newspaper or towels or anything that will keep them safe. After you’ve packed these, you can move onto other things. Things like towels, blankets, sheets. You can also start packing up your kitchen. You definitely don’t need all the plates and mugs and other dishes you own. Move onto your closet and pack all the clothes you know you won’t be wearing until you move. So let’s say it’s summer when you are packing, you don’t need your winter clothes – pack them.

Clothing is really heavy and we suggest you don’t pack them in boxes but in bags. Either regular plastic bags or those vacuum bags that are meant for storing and moving clothes. If by any chance you pack them in a cardboard box, it might open on the bottom and all your clothes will fall out.

Girl with box

Certain things don’t belong in boxes.

There are certain things people forget when moving. One of these things you might forget because you are moving by yourself is to keep a list of all your belonging and how you labeled the boxes they are in. This is an important step but many people seem to skip it thinking it doesn’t matter. And then when it is time to unpack, they find themselves in a problem. They open up all the boxes searching for the things they need. Don’t be like them. If you start packing on time you will have time to make lists.

Moving by yourself

By the time the moving is close you’ve hopefully packed all your stuff except the few things you need on a daily basis. What you are going to do with them is to pack them in suitcases. You probably have one or two in your home. They are very handy when it comes to moving. But make sure you wrap the breakable thing in clothes or towels. If you are moving with a pet, packing their things comes last too.

While moving by yourself, you have to stay as relaxed as possible. Because if anything goes wrong you are the one that has to fix it all. And if you aren’t calm, you might react the wrong way and just make the situation worse. And you definitely don’t want that to happen.


In conclusion, all you really need to do in order to have a stress-free relocation is to just start doing it on time. Because if you do it in the last minute, it will get messy and busy and you will be in a big problem. Don’t forget to label, make lists and buy all the thing necessary. These are basically all the things you need to do in order to pack and move like a pro. And moving by yourself definitely requires you to be good at all these things.