Buying a Home in Another Continent – 2020 Edition

This year we have had quite a few difficult months. With Covid-19 striking as hard as it did, the entire world has been put to a pause for some time. As the pandemic took over, everything we were used to on a daily basis had come to a stop. Simple grocery shopping, seeing friends and family, and even the real estate market. Suddenly people weren’t sure if buying a home was even possible anymore. Fast forward to today, the world is gradually starting to get back on its feet with caution. Therefore, if you are still planning a relocation and are buying a home in another continent, read on. We’ll cover the ins and outs of relocating, the 2020 edition. 

Buying a Home in 2020

As we mentioned above, the year 2020 has been quite a challenge. The entire world has adjusted to a new lifestyle and is slowly starting to get back on its feet. Nowadays, as we begin to step back into the new normal, buying a home is possible again. In fact, with everything coming to a long pause for some time, the real estate market has also tumbled along the way. Now might just be a great time to be buying a home after-all. 

A keyring with some keys.
Now might be a great time to buy a home. Test out the real estate market in 2020 as you might see more opportunities for savings than usual.

Furthermore, with the pandemic disabling face to face interaction, many business have been forced to continue functioning virtually. Buying a home in 2020 might be a little different, as you might not have the opportunity to view the home in person. Open houses might only be available via a video call, so it’s important to be prepared for that as well. 

Relocating Step by Step

Buying a home in another continent is both and exciting and a bit overwhelming. Moving so far away is very exciting and presents a fresh start. Meanwhile, it is important to have a moving plan, especially for such a big step as moving to another continent. Overall, we recommend relying on a plan with a checklist and a timeline. This will enable you to maintain organization and order throughout the process. 

Idea, plan, action illustration.
Moving to another continent is much easier with a plan. Construct a well-structured moving plan to stay organized.

Also, buying a home in another continent might only give you the opportunity to shop for homes online. With that being said, we recommend working with a professional agent whom you trust. This way they can look for what you want and give you options that will work for you. 

International Moving

In addition, when it comes to moving internationally, it’s important to do everything ahead of time. We suggest finding a new home months ahead so that you have time to prepare and move abroad hassle-free. Also, consider how long it might take to transfer your belongings from point A to point B. A solid timeline is necessary, and this should be your first step. Construct a timeline that will allow you to have enough time prior to the move. 

Moving in 2020

All in all, buying a home this year is not impossible. We simply recommend relying on a plan and proceeding with caution. With certain adjustments and changes, as long as you are well-informed, you can find the home of your dreams. Therefore, do your research, do it well ahead and most of all try to enjoy the process.