Buying a house in Kuwait – what should you know?

Do you think about buying a house in Kuwait? If the answer is YES then you should know all the fact. It is a big step in your life. Officially the State of Kuwait is a country in Western Asia.  Easy Move KW can help you with your move and make it much easier. Kuwait has a population of 4.2 million people, but 70% of them are expatriates. It is a popular destination for expats because there is no income tax to pay on salaries and petrol and cars are fairly cheap. But, on the other hand, houses are a little more expensive. This little country was the first country in the world to use desalination to supply water for domestic use.

Kuwait flag.

70% of Kuwait population are expatriates

Buying a house in Kuwait – the law

Luckily, the Cabinet for the Government in Kuwait approved the principle that foreigners can own property in Kuwait too. But, there are some rules of course. Potential house owners who do not own a Kuwaiti passport they must never be convicted of any kind of crime in Kuwait. Also, they must be long-term residents and they must be able to prove their income in this country. The apartment the foreigners can buy can have maximum 350 square meters and it must be their ONLY residential property in Kuwait.

The price of the houses in Kuwait and cost of living

You should know that the price of property depends on the strength of the oil industry in the country. To avoid corruption, find an estate agent with a good reputation. And also, the lawyer. When buying a house in Kuwait, you will be responsible for all fees, including the legal fees and the survey fees. The price for a square meter in the city center is 1,772 KWD ($5,863) and outside of the city center is 1,280 KWD ($4,235). These are the average prices. But, outside of the city center, you can find a house, where a square meter is 800 KWD ($2,647). Maybe this sounds too expensive, but keep in mind that the average monthly net salary (after tax) is 590 KWD ($1.952). Kuwait is slightly more affordable than some of its neighbors in the Gulf region.

Piggy bank for saving money.

Save money for a house in Kuwait. The houses are expensive, but on the other hand, utilities are relatively cheap.

The prices for electricity, gas, and water are relatively cheap and it is a relief. A monthly electricity bill is KD14 ($46), though you will need to be careful about leaving the air conditioning working all day long on in the hot summer months to avoid hefty bills. If you choose to live in a small flat in Kuwait City, your monthly bill for all utilities, including rubbish removal, will be 66 KWD ($218). The best thing is like we mention before the price of gasoline. It is almost free. Gasoline per 1 liter is 0.09 KWD ($0,297). If you want to hear someone’s experience watch the video below.

How to choose a neighborhood and the right house

Keep in mind that children in Kuwait stay up later than children in the USA, for example. If you want peace, avoid places near playfield or swimming pool. Also, the mosque will call prayers from the minaret five times a day. The first prayer is at 5 am. And when is Ramadan, everyone stays awake longer. It can be fun, and you will learn something about their rich culture. Experience that on your skin. 

A Mosque

Experience the new culture. Maybe it will be weird at the begging to listen azaan every day, but you will get used to that

Before you buy a house visit a neighborhood at different times of the day. Do not forget, shaded parking for your car is important at high temperatures and double glazing, air conditioning and heating for the winter are also the important things. July is the hottest month of the year. The average temperature in July is 45 °C (113°F). Buying a house in Kuwait can be fun because you will explore the whole new culture, religion, and tradition.

What do you want to have in your new house

Make a wish list. What do you want in your new house? Talk with your real estate agent and tell him your wishes and a budget. But, because of the prices, you should be prepared to make a compromise. For example, what should you tell him:

    • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need –  When you are buying a house in Kuwait, try not to pay for space you do not need since the prices are high.
    • A garage – If you have a car and/or tools, this is very important because of the high summer temperatures.
    • Furnished or not – If you want to put your own furniture, then buy an empty house. You can find also a half-furnished house. With the air conditioner and a little furniture. Check the windows and insulation too.
    • Budget – Of course, the main thing is the budget. Ask your real estate agent where can you buy a house with the budget you have.
    • Backyard – If you have a dog, for example, you should have a backyard. Also, it is the perfect place for relaxing, especially if you love bbq. You can invite your new friends and neighbors to try your specialties. And when we talk about food, do not serve them pork meat.
Buying a house in Kuwait can be challenging but it is worth it

What do you want in your new Kuwait home? Make a wish-list and be prepared for compromises.

    • Buying a house in Kuwait can be so challenging but it is worth it definitely. If you decided to do it, good luck! We hoped that we helped you a little with information about Kuwait. Be prepared for a new language and culture. It is a great place to live.