Buying a house in Hawaii – How-to guide

Ah, Hawaii! The tropical oasis everyone dreams of. With its pristine waters, white sand and lush vegetation, it`s easy to see why everyone’s number one exotic destination is Hawaii. There is a myth that not everyone can buy a property in Hawaii. However, this is so far from the truth. So, whether you are considering buying a holiday home or a permanent residence, here`s what you need to know if you are buying a house in Hawaii. 

Green palm trees and a clear blue sky.

Buying a house in Hawaii is a dream come true for so many people!

Step #1 when buying a house in Hawaii – Getting a loan

Well, this should be a no-brainer, right? After all, you can`t buy anything without money, let alone a house. The first thing to do if you want to buy a house in Hawaii, or anywhere else for that matter, is to take a short trip to the bank. You need to figure out exactly how much you can afford to spend. Unless you already have a humongous amount of money in your bank account, the chances are you will need to get a loan in order to buy a property in Hawaii.

Getting pre-approved for a loan

What you need to know about loans is that there are so many different options out there. Only a banking professional can help you choose the best one for your needs and conditions, so don`t hesitate to ask for help. But before seeking help, you need to make sure you have a good credit report. So pay all of your bills on time, get all the necessary documents and refrain from making any big purchases. These are all prerequisites if you want to get pre-approved for your loan. And we all know what being pre-approved for a loan means! It means you get a green light and can now go and meet with your realtor.

An approval loan stamp is crucial when buying a house in Hawaii.

Getting pre-approved for a loan means you are one step closer to successfully buying a house in Hawaii.

Step #2 when buying a house in Hawaii – Getting a realtor

After getting pre-approved for the loan, you should go ahead and find a Hawaii-based real estate agent. Having a good realtor is by far one of the most important things to do if you want to get your money`s worth. But why is it so important to get a local realtor? It should not be too hard to guess because the answer is simple. It`s because local realtors are already familiar with all the listings in that particular area, so they can find something to your taste rather quickly.

Interviewing the realtors

Of course, all realtors are not the same. That is why you will probably need to do a lot of interviewing in order to find the right one when buying a house in Hawaii. It`s always good to approach this task armed with a list of all the things you are looking for in a house, such as:

  • – the square footage
  • – number of rooms
  • – price range
  • – location, which should be your focus when buying a house in Hawaii.
  • Find a realtor with a lot of expertise and good communication skills. Look for someone you can trust and who will negotiate on your behalf. Good luck in your quest to find a good realtor and buy a home in Hawaii!

  • Step #3 when buying a house in Hawaii – Doing the research

  • Once again, the Internet will be your best friend when purchasing a property in Hawaii. You have almost all the necessary information right there, one click away. So get down to research in due time, because you don`t want to let the house of your dreams slip out of your hands.
  • Moreover, it is highly recommendable that you visit open houses. Sure, looking at houses online is great, but nothing beats the real-life image. By visiting in person, you can get a sense of the atmosphere and the surroundings, of your potential future neighbors and so much more! If possible, it would be ideal to visit the house of your interest a couple of times on different days. This is important because you need to get a realistic picture of the neighborhood noise levels. A neighborhood is never the same during the weekdays and the weekend!

Preparing a list of questions

It is very important to go prepared for the whole process of buying a real estate in Hawaii. The searching process is nowhere near done once you find something you like at first sight. That is just the beginning. Having a pre-made list of questions for your realtor or a listing agent will benefit you more than you even know. This list should contain all of the basic questions for any home buyers, such as:

  • – Does the house come with any furniture?
  • – How much are monthly utilities on average?
  • – Are there usually any natural disasters in the area?

Besides these questions, put on paper everything else you would like to know, no matter how insignificant it might seem to you. There are no right or wrong questions in this situation.

A house surrounded by grass.

Try to visit your potential future home a couple of times before the purchase!

Step #4 when buying a house in Hawaii – Being prepared for being a homeowner

No matter if this is your first property purchase or not, being a homeowner is never an easy thing. After all, this is one of the biggest investments in your lifetime. So you need to be sure that you are stable both financially and emotionally for this venture. If you are buying a holiday home in Hawaii, you need to be realistic. Think about whether that is something you really need and, more importantly, if it is something you can really afford. If the answer is yes – lucky you! And if you are buying a permanent residence in Hawaii, make sure to know all the details of the actual purchase.

Well, those are the 4 necessary steps when buying a house in Hawaii. The keyword for this entire process may be – research! Lots and lots of research! Good luck, and I hope that your journey will be a successful one.