California cities that families with kids will love

One of the states people who have children are moving to is California. California is a popular moving destination for dozens of reasons. And not just people with children, even the elderly are relocating there as it is very beautiful living in such a place. This is a big state with lots of different cities. You can choose between big cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco and small cities that are more suburban rather than urban. It is great that there are so many different options for you to choose from. But when the time to choose comes, a lot of people face difficulty. There are so many beautiful California cities to live in that it really isn’t easy choosing one among all of them. And we wanted to try and make it somewhat easier for families with kids searching for a place to call home so we wrote this article where you can read about California cities you will certainly love. We have done plenty of research so that we can write this guide and provide you with the best options for you to choose from.

Costa Mesa

The first California city to find itself a spot on our list of the best California cities for families is Costa Mesa. This is a lovely city in Orange County which is one of the counties a lot of people are moving to. Living in Costa Mesa has lots of pros.

For starters, it is a small city. Not too small but not big either. But the fact that it is small doesn’t mean that it doesn’t provide you with everything you need in your surroundings. Costa Mesa is surrounded by lots of small towns that you might have already heard of and that we will mention here as well as they too are perfect places for family living. Especially if you are moving with a big family.

Child at the beach.
Your children will love living in Costa Mesa.

But let’s stick to telling you about Costa Mesa and why moving there is a good idea if you want to live a peaceful family life. It isn’t a city on the coast but it isn’t located far from it at all. Beaches are just a short drive away from Costa Mesa. And the beaches near this area are incredible. But this is not what is making moving to Costa Mesa a good idea. The fact that it is safe and peaceful does which is also the reason why it is one of the best places to live in the USA.

Real estate

As one of the most important factors of where you will be moving is the cost of real estate, we are here to tell you a little bit about that as well. You might already be familiar with the pricing throughout the rest of California. If you are, you know that there are some more expensive and some less expensive places. All in all, when it comes to real estate California is a bit pricey.

The same goes for Costa Mesa. The average price of homes in this lovely small town is very big. A whopping one million dollars. But you need to have in mind the fact that most of these homes are very luxurious and modern. If you do decide to relocate to this area, turn to professionals nearby for moving assistance.

Huntington Beach

If you seem to like this area of California and the Orange County, you will surely start thinking about moving to Huntington Beach. This is one of the California cities on the coast and it is located right next to Costa Mesa. The beaches we mentioned earlier are the beaches in Huntington Beach. This is a very popular vacation spot for people from all over the state of California. It is the perfect place to spend your vacation in. Why not live in such a place? There are many reasons for moving to this charming coastal town.

Huntington Beach pier.
There are many amazing things to be said about what living in Huntington Beach is like.

One of the reasons certainly is the fact that starting a business here is a good idea. As there are lots of tourists, you will certainly have a success. But this is not the only reason. You also have to take the fact that there are plenty of things you can do here with your children. Parents are always on the look out for new fun activities they can do with their children. If you are one of those parents, Huntington Beach is your destination and can assist with the relocation process.

Real estate

If planning on buying a home and them moving to Huntington Beach, prepare to spare a lot of money. You will need a little over a million dollars to purchase an average house in this area. They too are, as in Costa Mesa, beautiful houses that have recently been built meaning they are new, modern, and very luxurious. Investing in this real estate is a good idea as the pricing will only be rising in the future.

No matter where you are moving to from Huntington Beach, you can make the whole process easier by hiring professional moving assistance. Even if moving from another part of the country, hiring professionals is what you should do.

Houses in California.
Investing in a home in this area is a good idea.

More amazing options

California is a big state and there are lots of beautiful California cities for you to consider moving to. But if we were to write about each and every one of them, you would now be reading a book. So, we want to leave some research for you to do but we will point you in the right direction. These too are some great California cities families with children will love:

  • Monterey
  • Anaheim
  • Carmel by the Sea
  • Coronado
  • Carlsbad
  • San Clemente.

Choose from one of those amazing California cities and start making new memories in it!