How to choose a perfect outbuilding

Outbuilding or shed can be very useful and they have a lot of benefits. You can use it as a storage, garage, or a guest house. If you are buying a house, having an outbuilding in a backyard is a treasure. But, if you already have a house, you can buy an outbuilding separately if you have enough space. So, how to choose a perfect outbuilding and what type to pick?

Tips to choose a perfect outbuilding

If you are buying an outbuilding for the first time, there are some things to consider before the final purchase. There are so many different options, sizes, designs, etc. It is hard to choose only one. If you are buying a house with a shed, prepare what to ask before purchasing a house and know what you are looking for.

Looking at a catalog to choose a perfect outbuilding.

You can order finished outbuilding and the company will deliver and place it in your backyard

Design options

You can build a shed or order a finished product from a catalog. Either way, you will choose the design of your outbuilding. Some of the popular designs in the past few years are:

  • Contemporary pods or “modern-looking boxes” are an option if you want to choose a perfect outbuilding with modern details.
  • Glazed rooms if you want to bring the outdoors in and enjoy your garden. Most of the walls are made from glass.
  • Log cabins are more traditional outbuildings but bigger, so it can be used as a guest home.
  • Oak frame is made from wood which is perfect if you love traditional looking structures.
  • Shepherd huts are portable outbuildings, so if you love to travel, put wheels on your shed.

How you will use your outbuilding?

A big question (the most important one) is how will you use your outbuilding and why you need it. Only as a storage space, garage, office, home gym, or you want to make a bigger living space? As you can see, there are so many uses of a shed.

First, choose the size. Measure your backyard and know the purpose of an outbuilding, and then you can search for outbuilding ideas. Don’t underestimate your storage needs, so if you have a bigger backyard, it is better to choose a bigger outbuilding, so it can have more purposes.

A girl in a backyard.

You can have a playhouse for your kids in the backyard

What is your budget?

Of course, the budget plays a big role in choosing a house or an outbuilding. Evaluate a house before making an offer and also evaluate an outbuilding. The biggest outbuilding with more features will cost more. Also, you need to get a building permit. The price of a shed can be anywhere from $3,000 to $18,000 (or more if you want a luxurious outbuilding).

So, to choose a perfect outbuilding first set a budget, know the size of your backyard, and the purpose of your future outbuilding. And make sure you are familiar with community regulations.