Cities in Florida that are best for real estate investing in 2020

Investors are not always the most experienced people. Sometimes, people who don’t have previous investment experience want to try out and use their money the best way possible. Unlike real estate pros, most people don’t know the current trends and places to invest in. When it comes to Florida, it has been a popular destination for different reasons – travel, relocation, and investments. That’s why we arranged a list of the cities in Florida that are best for real estate investing in 2020. A useful guide on the Florida real estate market that can really make things easier for you. Good luck!

Things to know before making an investment in Florida

To help you get ready for this huge step, we want to remind you of some things you should know before you step into the real estate world:

  • the economic stability of Florida will be beneficial for you without any doubt – if you plan on renting or reselling your properties, you’ll be pleased to know that Florida has a strong market and economic situation, which will make everything much easier and more profitable.
  • it’s a relatively affordable state, yet it’s harder to get a loan – one of the good things about Florida is the affordability. On the other hand, it’s harder to get a loan here than in some other states – therefore, be sure to get some professional financial help on this matter.
  • it’s important to choose a good location – depending on what you want to do with your property, be sure to pick the location wisely. This is especially important if you decide on renting the place – both apartments and office space.
  • relocation is simple with Florida professionals – if you decide to relocate, There are amazing Florida professionals to help you with moving anywhere within the state with ease. It’s important to choose wisely and work with only the safest options.
beach in one of the cities in Florida that are best for real estate investing in 2020
One reason why there are many cities in Florida that are best for real estate investing in 2020 is the perfect weather.

What are the cities in Florida that are best for real estate this year?

Here’s the list of best Florida locations – something to help you out choose your next investment and step into the real estate world.


If you’re looking for an ocean-front property – Sarasota should be on your radar. This relatively small city is a great place to make your investment in Florida for many reasons. The supply of home is in correspondence with demand, which makes Sarasota real estate market a balanced one. Apart from good renting possibilities, you can also find a good second home here. Here are some good reasons to invest in this place:

  • the weather – one of the things that are common to the biggest part of Florida. Warm summers and mild winters – what else could you want?
  • beaches – having a beachfront property is a reality in Sarasota. Pristine beaches just a few steps away from your property will make it an attractive rental – and perfect second home.
  • various entertainment options – if you decide to move here, expect to have many entertainment options. Shopping, fishing, golf, art galleries – Sarasota has a lot to offer.
  • a family-friendly location – even though many Florida cities are the synonyms for partying, Sarasota is a lovely, family-friendly place with amazing communities. That’s why if you’re looking for a better place for your family – leaving Orlando for good and moving to Sarasota is a great thing to do. A smaller, more peaceful and family-friendly city awaits!


Even though it’s close to Orlando, a more popular option, Kissimmee is definitely one of the cities in Florida that are best for real estate investing in 2020. This place has become increasingly interesting for those who like renovating and then reselling and renting homes. The reason for it is the affordability and the rising rent/sales prices. Therefore, if you’re into smart investing, consider Kissimmee as your option.

Florida relocation options

If you feel like Kissimmee or any other city from this list should be your next home, start planning the relocation right away. Our advice is to start on time. Hire somebody who is experienced in Florida moves to help you out. You need a moving company like State to State Move by your side. A skilled and equipped moving team can turn relocation into a breeze.

house keys in a person's hand
Relocation to Florida can be smooth and easy with the help of reliable professionals.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale has been very popular among homebuyers in recent years. The reason is pretty affordable rent prices and increasing median house values. The year 2020 is a great moment to invest in Fort Lauderdale – the value of its homes is increasing steadily. Furthermore, the location of this city in Florida is amazing. This results in a strong job market as well as an active real estate market.


Tampa belongs to the list of the best cities to invest in the country due to many good reasons. If you’re not planning to move, Tampa could be the city where you could buy a property and then rent it. Its positive job market, pleasant climate, and many attractions make this place very popular among investors.

West Palm Beach

A hot real estate market and one of the cities in Florida that are best for real estate investing in 2020, West Palm Beach might be a great option for you. As the name itself tells you, this place is the best if you’re looking for a beach property. Rental prices are a bit more expensive – around $2,500. On the other hand, there are properties of various price ranges – you can buy a very affordable one, and also invest in a luxurious home near the ocean.

beachfront properies
Choosing among amazing properties can be more challenging than you think – there are so many good ones!

We feel this list of cities in Florida that are best for real estate investing can help you with your decision. At least it can be something to start from – and make your search easier. Take your time and don’t rush with important decisions – Florida welcomes you!