Creative ideas for decorating a rental apartment

A boring rental apartment isn’t exactly your dream home. Those walls are off-white, the kitchen and bathrooms need an overhaul, and you have a little character to the place. But your solution is in creative ideas for decorating a rental apartment.

With these decorating ideas, your owner is going to be happy, you’ll get a security deposit back, and have a home that expresses you. Of course, until you’re ready to move out, and start learning how to pack your belongings like a pro.


Here are some creative ideas for decorating a rental apartment wall:

  • Hang things – This is the best way of making any place feel homier. Put favorite photos of your family or places you’ve been allowing you to tell a story. This is bringing an element of you to space. Also, hanging up pretty wall art of your own will show your decorating style. DIY wall art is the ideal addition to any space, especially rental.
  • Paint – Just because you’re in a rental, it doesn’t mean that painting is out of the question. Many owners allow painting but when moving it must be painted back to the original color. So, if you plan to stay there for a few years it can be a great investment of your time and money. But, stick with colors that aren’t too dark.
  • If you can’t paint, try temporary wall treatments on one wall or a whole room. Get vinyl decals, removable wallpaper, or fabric for walls. These are excellent ways to get a pattern and color on the wall. Plus, when it’s time, it will peel off.
  • Living room

    Try wallpaper on an accent wall or for a whole room, that’s one of the best creative ideas for decorating a rental apartment.

  • Creative ideas for decorating a rental apartment – Hang curtains

    One of the first things to do after moving to a rented apartment is to hang curtains because that will add instant coziness. Place your curtain rod close to the ceiling, above the window, and then let the curtain fabric touch the floor. This will maximize the appearance of tall ceilings. Jazz up an ordinary room by choosing a patterned or bold curtain fabric.

  • Upgrade equipment in the kitchen and bathroom

    With the owner’s permission, change the lackluster in bath or kitchen. Also, if you plan to stay in that rental for a few years, updating the faucet is a medium-difficulty task and it will cost you. But, it’s something you can remove and take with you once you decide to move out. Don’t forget to store the old faucet, so it can be reinstalled when you go to a new home.

  • Hide things you don’t like

    Hide awkward spaces in your rental by covering them with a curtain or a piece of fabric. This not only hides what you don’t like but it also adds a bit of color and texture. Cover the ugly backsplash with removable tile stickers, put the rug over a stained carpet, or hang a large art piece over an awkward opening in the wall.

  • Picture on the wall - Other creative ideas for decorating a rental apartment and hiding what you don't like is to put pictures on the wall.

    Cover what you don’t like. Be creative.

  • Other creative ideas for decorating a rental apartment

    • Be creative with storage
    • Hide ugly floor with rugs
    • Change the lighting
    • Try to incorporate your hobbies as art
  • These were just some of the creative ideas for decorating a rental apartment. Maybe you will remember some others too?