Exciting kid-friendly activities you should try in Long Island

Here are some of the best and most exciting kid-friendly activities you should try in Long Island with your kids. They are great for tourists and the people already living here so keep reading and make sure to check them all out if the time allows you to. Surely you know about adventure parks so we won’t be mentioning them, we will explore other options now.

The Hamptons

Are you up for an amazing holiday?   People from all over the state like visiting Long Island. It is a hotspot despite its reputation as a luxury vacation spot. It can be a luxury place but it can also be a great place for you and the kids to have fun.  Despite the fact that East Hampton and South Hampton are two separate townships, the area’s laid-back vibe belies the area’s rich history, beautiful scenery, and mouthwatering cuisine. Exploring new places with your kids can be so fun!

mom and daughter walking at the beach

Beach is always a good idea!

Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve

If you have energetic kids this is the place for you! Walking, running, hiking, and cycling are all popular activities in this park, which is open to the public. Among the acreage of woods, grasslands, rocky coastline, and salt marsh is a network of trails. For a daily dose of nature, this park is a must-visit destination. Buying property near this preserve can be a bit costly but living here and raising kids can be amazing.

Old Westbury Gardens has the best kid programs

Experience scenery that looks like it belongs in a painting when you visit the Old Westbury Gardens. The grounds of the gardens are frequently used for special events and exhibitions. A few of their offerings include movie nights, kids’ projects, and even some yoga (for all ages) in the gardens. To learn more about the history and architecture of the gardens, you can book a tour. All these events prove that a visit to the OLd Westbury Gardens surely deserves a place on our list of the most exciting kid-friendly activities you should try in Long Island.

Long Island Animal Farm Petting Zoo

The Long Island Animal Farm Petting Zoo in Manorville is a fun family destination. This zoo has a large number of animals that were rescued by the park! All kinds of creatures, from elk to camels to camelbacks to giraffes are available for visitors to interact with. To keep the kids entertained, there is a puppet theater and playgrounds. If you are just moving here you should let movers like teddymoving.com handle the settling in and you can enjoy all the fun family activities.

one of the kid-friendly activities you should try in Long Island - a petting zoo

Petting Zoos are so much fun!

Long Island Children’s Museum

Creating a museum for children to enjoy? Playing and learning are two of the best ways to spend a day! At the Long Island Children’s Museum, you can see things like giant bubbles, dinos, and a variety of other animals in their natural habitats. Plan your vacation around the exhibits that are scheduled to be on display at the time you plan to visit.