Explore family-friendly cities of Westchester County, NY

Choosing a perfect new home for you and your family members sometimes is not that simple, especially if you cannot decide which city is the one for you. Surely, there are many factors that you would want to pay attention to when deciding which place is the most appropriate for your loved ones. Here, in this article, you will find out all about the most family-friendly cities of Westchester County in New York. Definitely, you will find all the most important things that may interest people with children. Some of them are education, safety, and housing.

White Plains – the number one among family-friendly cities of Westchester County

First, there is White Plains, a city with a humid subtropical climate. People who decide to move to this city will feel the magic of all seasons. There are many neighborhoods that are ideal for family life, and many parks great for recreation. Also, educational opportunities are excellent. White Plains has both private and public schools, and colleges and universities as well. When it comes to safety, this city in New York is one of the safest homes you can choose for your family. We have to mention that housing prices are higher, but all the living conditions are perfect. In case you decide to relocate here, you should know that you can easily find assistance in the area. White Plain movers have to offer various relocation services like packing, storage, residential moving, commercial moving, and junk removal.

A girl with a book in her hands.

White Plains has excellent public and private schools that are very highly rated and ideal for all kids.


The second place on our list is Chappaqua. This suburb of New York City has some excellent public schools to offer. Each one of them is highly rated, which is something that most parents find significant. Houses here are beautiful and the majority of people who live in Chappaqua own their homes. Moreover, Chappaqua is a diverse place in Westchester County and great for families. If you agree with your family members to move to this place, then you should hire a professional moving company to help you with the whole process, for it can be pretty exhausting. On the internet, you can find today so many professionals that you can contact and ask for more information. Also, you are able to compare the prices of different companies. Moreover, reading reviews is always helpful, especially if you are not sure which team to choose and hire. We advise you to check out Slattery Moving and Storage for they can be just what you are looking for.

Greenville is one of the best family-friendly cities in Westchester County

The third location that is ideal for families is Greenville in Westchester County in New York. And it has absolutely everything that you need: excellent and highly rated public schools, diversity, and nightlife. Moreover, Greenville has many shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants. When it comes to recreation, you can spend your free time in one of the numerous parks here walking your dog. Also, parks in Greenville are excellent for children’s play and family fun. This place has to offer very nice houses for sale. So, if you want to move to Greenville, you should hire a professional real estate agent to help you find a perfect new family home.

The interior of a cafe in Greenville, one of the best family-friendly cities in Westchester County.

Greenville has many cozy cafes where you can drink excellent coffee and eat sweets during your work breaks.


The fourth place in Westchester County that is excellent for people with kids is Bronxville. Firstly, it is a very safe location for families. Secondly, public schools are very good and parents are very satisfied with their work. Thirdly, Bronxville is a pretty diverse suburb in New York. People who decide to relocate here will have a chance to visit bars, cafes, and restaurants with very tasty food. In addition, Bronxville has many good locations where you can shop. All who have visited this place claim that it has great nightlife. When it comes to housing, you can find to rent or buy very nice family homes in the area.

Scarsdale is one of the great cities of Westchester County

Definitely, Scarsdale is a suburb that is very peaceful. Crime and safety are low and people who move there are very satisfied with what Scarsdale has to offer. One of the great things about this place is the great shops where you can buy different products that you need. Also, Scarsdale has very nice restaurants. Since it is a very diverse location, food is very tasty and you can make a choice of what kind of specialties you are in a mood for every day. Moreover, parents are glad that educational opportunities here are excellent. And, Scarsdale has very nice and spacious parks to offer where you can spend some time of the day with your family and pet.

Mother and daughter in a park.

Scarsdale has many beautiful parks ideal for family fun and physical activity.


Finally, there is Ardsley, a suburb in Westchester County that is also very safe and great for people who have children or who want to start a family. Moreover, many seniors choose to move here as well and spend their golden years in this wonderful place. People who live here often spend their free time in parks running, jogging, or walking their dogs. Some parks are very convenient for kids. Education is very good in Ardsley, and both parents and children are satisfied with it. Homes are very nice, and with the help of your realtor, you can find a beautiful house for you and your loved ones. Ardsley is a very diverse and close-knit community with friendly people. It has Starbucks, great hair and nail salons, excellent restaurants. And, nightlife here is not bad at all.