Far East Realty: Affordable homes for sale

Relocation to Japan is a thing you’re thinking more and more recently. Or you want to meet the culture of China? Regardless of the reason, the fact is that moving to the Far East is more or less the decision you’re about to make. If so, purchasing an affordable home is probably a thing that comes to your mind. But before purchasing a Far East realty, don’t jump into the unknown. Learn how to do that on a budget. Given that a relocation to Japan or China would take a lot of money, in case you’re moving from Europe or USA. Here we are, with the tips we got from the experts, to provide you with some ideas on how to save when buying a Far East Realty. 

Buying a home after moving to the Far East

Secure the housing before Eastern Asia relocation

You’ll need a housing after relocation to Eastern Asia

Traveling to a foreign country is already a challenging task. Moving there and purchasing a home takes a serious effort and serious amount of money. You should find a moving company able to relocate your family and your belongings with no troubles. (We have a suggestion, get in touch with Kokusai Express Japan) Besides this, you need to arrange your current home sale. Also, you could be only able to find a smaller home to move to in the Land of the Rising Sun i.e. In this case, you could be unable to place all your items in that home. So you would need storage facilities in Japan to keep those items safe. You can find those storage facilities here: http://ksemoving.com/service/warehousing/domestic-warehouse/warehouse-japan/.  All of this you need to think about in advance. Having a Japanese moving company having also a storage facility is certainly a big plus. This is why we suggested international moving company from Japan from above.

Nevertheless, all those things need to be solved before buying a home. Therefore, we will assume that you hired the moving help. If not, you have our tips who to hire. Now, let’s get to purchase an affordable home in the Far East. How to find a Japanese or Chinese home on a budget? Here are several suggestions:

  • Dig deep- Consider a lot of houses and make a lot of offers
  • A home needing an investment could be very affordable
  • If the location is not crucial for your Far East realty, consider buying a home outside of a city
  • Pay special attention to homes for sale ‘by owners’
  • Prepare for negotiations

Consider many options to find an affordable Far East realty to purchase

The more homes you find, the greater the chances are to find the affordable one. And the more offers you send, the bigger the opportunity that one of them will be accepted. So don’t hesitate to send an offer a lot lower than required price. Or to avoid looking at homes with the price you can’t afford. You never know if someone will bid for that Far East realty, so the price could fall significantly. And the owners or realtors could sell it for a lot less than they required at the beginning.

Don’t hesitate to look at the homes needing some fixation

You can fix some parts of home by yourself!

Prepare to repair some parts of home by yourself

Because they could be very affordable. And some of them, together with the fixation costs, could fit into your budget for an international residential real estate in the Far East. Don’t be spoiled. Be prepared to fix some things your own. Don’t hesitate to rent some apartment until your home is ready to move in. It will all pay out eventually. In terms of saving money, and still purchasing the property in Japan you like. So what if you need to be a tenant for a few months? Who cares. The home you desire is worth waiting for! Of course, we must add here that you should hire professionals to inspect the home you’re considering. You still don’t want to buy a home requiring a serious amount of money to be fixed.

How important you consider the location to be?

If it’s not that important, why don’t you look up homes outside of the city you intend to move to? Far East homes outside of the cities tend to be a lot less expensive than those in the city. Therefore, you would be able to purchase the bigger and nicer house for less money in case you include the suburb areas into your search. Besides this, consider searching for homes a lot before you start packing for your move to Japan, China etc. The reason for this is that you’ll have a lot more time to find a good opportunity for housing in Japan. And therefore able to make a reservation, having to make an upfront payment, but securing the housing immediately after you relocate! Wouldn’t it be nice to relocate to the East of Asia having home secured?

Homes sold by owners tend to be less expensive

If you find a Far East home sold by owner, you'll pay less

The owners selling the Far East homes directly ask for lower prices

This is the reason why we suggest you should search the listings of property in the Far East sold by owners. First, in case they are not professional realtors, they would be less experienced in negotiations. Plus, they could be selling a home because they need the money at the moment. And splashing an offer satisfying their needs, you could purchase a home you like for a lot lower price than it’s worth. Also, they could be unaware of the actual home price. And hence ask for a lower price than they could get. There are even more factors why you should contact owners. But this is not the text about that. What’s important for you here is that, if you contact Far East property owners, you could get a lower price for the home you like!

Negotiations skills are crucial!

The preparedness to negotiate the price for a real estate makes you already close to buying a home in the Eastern Asia at the price you can afford. But you should also have some skills required for this. Go online and find at least a short course about it. All we’re saying here looks like it seeks a lot of effort. But it doesn’t. Those are only small things to upgrade your chances of purchasing a home in Japan on a budget. Besides, what effort is too big if you get the home you were looking for?