FInd an affordable home before you move

When moving to another place, it’s always an exciting venture. Changing the environment and breathing the new, and fresh air. At least it’s fresh at the beginning. Only, you should never underestimate the expenses. No matter how cheap you heard your next city is, you never know what could happen. And if some big problem takes place. you could be left with a small amount of money. This is why we suggest you find an affordable home before you move. Make sure your cost of living is at the minimum. Especially at the beginning. Later, as life goes on, you can pick the residence you like. This is also something you will do easier if you find an affordable home. Start your new life at low-cost, and collect money for more luxury life later.

To help you, we decided to write an article about searching for cheap housing solutions before your relocation. We will give you some suggestions where to find cheap homes listings. Also, we suggest you first look at the rental homes fitting into your budget. After you get settled and meet the new city, you can look to buy a residential real estate. If that’s in your plans.

Can you find a cheap home in an expensive city like New York?

You certainly can. For example, if you’re moving to NYC, you probably know it is a very high-costing city. But there are different solutions to find when looking to save money. We’ll start from the most important thing. You need to find a local moving company, right? So when you find the professionals for Big Apple Moving NYC, you solved one of your problems. You found the reliable moving services for your NY relocation. But you could have luck, and solve the problem of housing too! The moving company from New York could give you some recommendations on where to search for not so costly homes for rent. Or professionals for your NYC move could connect you with the reputable and reliable realty agency in New York, able to provide you with the real estate information you need.

That’s another reason why you should hire only the most reputable and reliable New York movers. They are more worth than you might imagine. And not only for your very location. Professional NY moving and storage company has connections in Big Apple. They know the terrain. And they can be your friendly environment in a wild city as New York.

It depends on your preferencies what the expression- to find an affordable home- will be suitable for you

If you want to find an affordable home, you must lower your expectations

Talking globally, what is the best way to get a good home-rental deal?

Generally, you must be prepared to make some compromise if you want to start your life at low cost. I assume you got this. Being that, for more comfort, you almost always pay more. Which is quite normal. And you should be prepared to make those compromises, so you could find an affordable home before you move. Later, everything will be a lot easier and you’ll get the chance to change your residence when you find suitable. Here are some recommendations on what to do to get an economical housing solution for a start:

  • Consider the suburb- The suburb area tends to have cheaper homes for rent than the parts of the city near the center.
  • Consider sharing a house or a condo- In case you’re moving alone, get a roommate. Or if moving with a family, find an affordable home choosing to live in the house with another family.
  • Don’t be too demanding- The more space you demand, the bigger the expense.
  • Be prepared for negotiations- Good negotiation skills can only help you in life. Here, you can lower the price for a home rental.
  • Think about the transportation- Don’t rent a cheap home and then pay a fortune for transportation to your job/school.

Suburb is definitely more affordable than the center of the city

Pick suburb if you want to start with low-costs at the beginning

The suburb should probably be your place of choice, in order to save money

So do consider renting a cheap home outside of the city center. And try to make a good deal before your relocation. Because that way you’ll exactly know how much money you need to put aside for your housing costs. And you’ll have a clear idea how big your relocation budget is. Which is very important. We mentioned moving to NYC before. The relocation itself costs a lot. And you don’t even want to start your life in New York with high expenses. Given that high expenses in the big city are not what you can bear. Especially if you didn’t live in an expensive city before.

Having a roommate or sharing a house lowers your home rental price

The math is simple here. If you divide some number into 2, 3 or 4 pieces, each of you will need to pay only a fraction of the price for the home you rent. And it will be a good solution when trying to find an affordable home. The first thing to consider here is who you could live with. Given that a few hundred dollars you pay less for the housing wouldn’t make you happy in case of living with someone you can’t stand. So be very careful. Take this step only if you’re sure you’ll be able to handle it. Moving to New York is a great thing. It is a big city, and moving to NYC means so many opportunities for you. But if you can’t stand your roommate, you will be constantly annoyed and unsatisfied.

Besides this, if you have a family, there is a solution for you too! Moving with a family will cost you more, surely. Having in mind the volume of the relocation. The size of the home you look to rent etc. But if you find another family, with similar needs as yours, you can benefit from renting the house together. Plus, if you find a house in the suburb, you will surely be someone who can claim to be able to find an affordable home before you move.

Being too demanding you won’t be able to find an affordable home

You could stay empty-pocketted in case you don't lower your expectations

Lower your expectations to avoid staying with empty pockets

Being demanding doesn’t only apply to the luxury of the housing. It also applies to the size of it. To the location, special expectations etc. So lower your demands if you truly want to find an affordable housing unit to rent before your relocation. Particularly if you’re looking for your new home from far away. Not being able to come and talk to the landlord in person. Always have in mind that this is just the solution for the beginning. When it is important to lower your costs. 

It won’t last forever, so don’t look at it as a permanent home. Regard it more the temporary solution until you find the suitable home for you and your family. And make sure you explain it to your spouse and your kids. They might get disappointed the moment you relocate. You want to avoid such a start of your new life in your new home.

Negotiations skills always help

And you don’t need to be an expert for negotiations when making an offer for a house. You just need to prepare to negotiate the price, given that it is very important to you to get an affordable price. So never agree to a deal worse than the one you expect. Only, don’t be too tight too. Be ready to make the compromise. Look at it as the game of chess. Only make sure you’re the one winning in the end. It doesn’t always happen. It also doesn’t happen often. But it happens. And if you don’t try, you’ll never succeed in achieving the lower price for home rentals.

Transportation cost is an important part of overall cost for your housing

You made a deal. Achieving to get the lowest price for home rent you could imagine! Good for you! But, what if you’re too far away from work or school? What if you need to pay a lot for the ticket or for the gasoline? Then all the effort makes no sense! When you intend to lower your expenses in the beginning of your life at the new residence, it is the most important to find an affordable home. Being that it makes the biggest part of your overall monthly cost. But right after that comes the matter of transportation. And you must include it into consideration when looking for a cheap housing for rent.

Check out how far away you can go and have the benefits from the lower rental home price when you add the cost of transportation. Therefore, we suggest you get the information about the transportation cost for different areas of your new city. When searching for a low-cost rental housing unit, sum the cost of the rental with the cost of the transportation. Regard the sum you get the actual cost of your new home! Only that way shall you be able to say that you’re trying to lower your costs at the beginning of your new life!