Fun facts about Shoreline shared by locals

How to get to know a place the best? Who knows the city the best? The answer is – locals! If you are considering moving to Shoreline or visiting it, explore some interesting facts about Shoreline and know what it has to offer you. As a resident or a tourist.

How to prepare for the move? Research!

If you are considering moving to Shoreline, Washington, make this process fun. Moving is stressful, complicated, emotional, and hard, but there are some ways to enjoy it a little bit. Every city in the world has some unique stories to tell. Local are the ones who are telling those stories. This area is one of the best places to live in the USA, but why? What it has to offer and why is it so special?

Packing and moving to Shoreline

Shoreline is part of Seattle, it is a suburb with a population of 58,000. There are so many different reasons for moving to Seattle, but don’t forget that Seattle is a huge city. If you have chosen Shoreline as your new home, prepare for moving there on time.

Loading items into a truck.

Be prepared for Shoreline relocation and start with it on time

Learning and exploring fun things about Shoreline is also part of the process, but you need first to organize your upcoming relocation. To set your moving budget, hire a professional moving company, decide what to move, what to toss, and store everything you don’t use often in a portable self-storage space safely and with ease. 

Pack only things that you will need after moving and items you use. The moving costs will mostly depend on the size and weight of your move, so if you want to save money, move fewer items. Get enough packing materials and all the right moving equipment, ask for help and move like a pro.

Best places in Shoreline to move to

Shoreline is not a small place, it has different neighborhoods where you can move to and feel comfortable. Some of the places to consider as your new home are:

  1. The Highlands
  2. Richmond Beach
  3. Innis Arden
  4. Highland Terrace
  5. Richmond Highlands

Explore these places and visit them before moving there. This way you will know what to expect after moving and which neighborhoods fit you the most.

A view of Seattle.

Seattle is very close and many people are commuting every day to work there

Investing in Shoreline real estate

Figure out where you will move and pick the right home for you. Should you invest in real estate or not here, depends on your budget and how long you plan to live in Shoreline. The average home price in Shoreline, WA is $570,000. 64% of the population own a home here, the rest are renters. The median rent per month is around $1,600, which is the average cost.

In case you need extra space

Homes in the Seattle area are not cheap, and if you can afford a smaller place, but on the other hand, you have too many personal items, consider renting a storage unit. Explore storage options in this area, for sure you will find a perfect solution for you. PortaBox Storage is one of the companies to consider contacting for your needs.

Know facts about Shoreline, WA

Explore fun facts about Shoreline and have some quality time at the same time.

  • Shoreline was established in 1890.
  • In 1944 the Shoreline was used first – for the school district.
  • This place is one of the 20 largest cities in Washington State.
  • The distance between Shoreline and Seattle is around 10 miles, depends on the exact place.
  • Shoreline has highly-rated public schools and that is why many families with kids live here.
  • Shoreline Community College is nationally recognized.
  • It is a family-friendly place, but at the same time, the nightlife is rich and amazing.
  • Very diverse place. This is a fact based on ethnic and economic diversity.
  • Shoreline offers residents an urban-suburban mix feel.
  • The unemployment rate is 5.7% and the median income is $64,000.
  • The job market is getting strong every year.
  • It has more than 400 acres of parkland. The city invested nearly $19 million to improve parks.
  • Summers are mild and sunny, so you can enjoy the beach. People here are used to rain which occurs in the wintertime, usually.
  • This place is very liberal and 75% voted Democratic.
A drawing of a man.

Find a way to have a stress-free relocation by exploring some fun facts about a place where you are going to move to

Fun things to do in Shoreline

After moving to Shoreline you need to enjoy a little bit and relax after stressful relocation. You can enjoy the beach, hike, bike, walk, explore nature, Shoreline has many parks, golf parks, but these are not the only things you can do here. It offers many fun things to residents and tourists too. Some of the fun things to visit are:

  • Boeing Creek Park, which is one of the biggest parks in Shoreline. This is why this is one of the cities to live in if you love outdoor activities with your pets and loved ones.
  • Kruckeberg Botanic Garden for those who love plants and nature and enjoying their time outdoors.
  • Club Hollywood Casino if you like to gamble from time to time.
  • Shoreline Historical Museum – visit and learn something about this place and explore facts about Shoreline.
  • Taqueria El Sabor and Hill’s Food and Wine. Shoreline has many restaurants you should try and enjoy the food. Find your new favorite spot in town.


It is not enough just to read about Shoreline. You should visit it and see how it looks like and find many more interesting things. Locals are the best source of information and you can learn facts about Shoreline from them. After all, they live there every day and know how things are working here. After moving, introduce yourself to new neighbors. Invite them over coffee, ask them where are the best groceries, schools for your kids, parks for dogs, what should you visit, and where should you go. Get the recommendations, and start your new lifestyle here in Shoreline.