Guide to buying a luxury home in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, New Carolina is ranked the 14th best city to live in the US. This is a good score, also it’s one of two North Carolina towns where most households earn six-figure incomes. This is the reason there are so many nice houses there and people are often buying a luxury home. Charlotte has a reputation of being one of the more affordable places in the state which is good news for you. Fun fact – there are 27 billionaires in NC. And great news for millennials, you can buy a fancy house in South Park nowadays.

Buying a luxury home

In Charlotte, you can find many luxury houses and apartments. Also, you can find some real over-the-top luxury homes. The most expensive one on the market is worth 7.5 million dollars. That’s quite something. ranked Charlotte as the number one best real estate market in Southeastern US so investing money in a big property and luxury house or an apartment will be a good investment for you. Actually investing in property might be the best sort of investment there is nowadays.

A big house you should consider if you opt for buying a luxury home.

It is a very exciting thing to buy a luxury home.

What to do first

First, you need to find a good realtor. Licensed one. Interview a few ones before you decide. This is their area of expertise. Also, some homes can not be found on the market any other way. So talk to your real estate agent about your needs and wishes. Do not be shy, tell him or her everything you want in your new place. How many bedrooms and bathrooms, or walk-in closets, balcony, backyard. They can not do a good job if they don’t know what you are looking for. Also, be upfront about how much money do you plan on spending on a house. That way you are both on the same page. If you are not happy with your real estate agent do no hesitate, find another one. This is very important and you need the best one.


Do some research on the best neighborhoods in Charlotte. The amazing house needs to be in a nice neighborhood so you can be fully satisfied. If you are moving with family include everyone in this decision. Ask around about the best schools in the area. Here are some neighborhoods where you can find some really nice houses:

Myers Parks is a very posh neighborhood with some fancy grocery stores and chic restaurants. There are good schools and very nice houses.

South End is perfect for young couples. This part of the town is known for its vibrant nightlife and craft breweries.

Fourth Ward is a very nicely-looking neighborhood. Charming walkable streets with cozy restaurants make this part of the town very attractive.

Chantilly – If you are looking for mid-1940s homes they have some really amazing ones, you can restore them and inside you can have a luxury home, and outside it can be a retro place. Also, this is a very peaceful part of the town making it perfect for older couples.

South Park – unlike in a cartoon this is a very upscale residential and commercial area. This neighborhood is very attractive to young professionals. They like to hang out in posh bars and fancy sushi spots.

Choices when buying a luxury home

If you have pictured in your mind exactly how you want your nice place to look like you have three options. Buy an already finished place that matches your needs and wishes and add some details to make it your own. You can buy a house and adapt it fully to your wishes. Or you can buy land and build your home from the ground. The third option might be the biggest hassle but you get all the little details you always wanted. The first one might be the easy way but it’s all up to what you want. All the options are valid. Think about this one before you make any move.

The Bank

You need to have a score of 620 or higher. The higher the score, the better the interest rate. Scores of 740 or higher have the best rates. Downpayment for the house is usually around 10 or 20%. Many lenders will accept less but your mortgage will be much higher in that case. Buying a luxury home can take a while now because of the global pandemic but surely they will inform you on how much you can expect the delay.

A credit card

The bank will be your first stop when buying a luxury home.

Moving after buying a luxury home

Another thing to think about is relocating. Although this will happen only after you find your dream house and buy it, you need to prepare for this one. Especially if you have a lot of items or more family members. The easiest way is to hire moving professionals like to make your relocation stress-free. They can also help with packing and junk removal. There is no need to do everything by yourself and make this great adventure into hassle.


Speaking of junk, since you will be relocating soon, now might be a great time to declutter and rid yourself of all the extra items you don’t really use or even want. That way you can get a fresh, new start. Start with little things and stuff you haven’t used in years. If you haven’t used anything in the last few years, chances are you won’t again.

Cleaning in progress sign

Getting rid of all the things you no longer need will be good for you.

The last thing

When all of the big things are done and the luxury home is finally yours there is one thing to do next. Decorate and make it your own. Of course, you can always hire an interior designer. Tell them your vision and they will do as you wish. For a more personal touch, you can do it on your own. Over time you can get all the little details right. But the kitchen and bathroom are best left for the professionals, this part is just too much of a hassle and nobody wants that. If you are happy with your new home, we wish you good luck on this great new adventure. Hopefully, you will stay there for a long time and make some amazing memories.