Guide to exploring Everett, WA with your kids

Thinking that relocation is only about getting from one place to another is a mistake. It is much more than that. Especially when you are relocating with children. Once you get to the desired place, there will be obligations waiting for you to do as a parent. For instance, exploring Everett, WA with your kids will be inevitable. They will want to wander around and do all kinds of activities. Especially when you relocate during the summer season. And you, as a parent, need to support them. If you are moving as a single parent, you will need all the help that you can get. So, better start preparing and planning things in advance. There is no need to have a stressful relocation when you can organize everything. Focus on the activities for kids while movers focus on relocating.

Exploring Everett, WA should be your priority

Many parents worry that they won’t be able to enjoy their exploring and fun time because of the relocation. But this shouldn’t be one of your problems. There is a solution for everything, and for this as well. You can always leave items in a safe place while you deal with other things. Self-storage is the opportunity that you need to take in Everett. Not many people use it, but many people do need it. Now you can easily put all of your belongings in your storage where they will be safe. There are two options – you can rent it for a long-term period, and a short one. Figure out your plans, and check with the company that offers you a self-storage usage option.

Bowling track at night.
Take your kids bowling, they will love it.

Very first thing you should do is to take your kids to the Imagine Children’s Museum

Normally, museums and children do not mix well. But Imagine Children’s Museum is not a typical museum. This museum is a place for toddlers to kids that are about ten. You can find various activities there. The most interesting is the art corner and a cartoon corner, together with i-engineers. Also, there are some Scouting Badge Programs which means that you can have birthday parties and there are even available after-hour meetings. On some days there are special events and even discount days. Check it out before you decide which cities are best in Washington state for young couples. But be reminded that you won’t make a mistake with choosing Everett.

Take your kids bowling

Even though bowling is not necessarily related to exploring the city, it’s an activity you shouldn’t miss when you have children. There are Glacier Bowling Lanes in Everett where many parents bring their kids. This place provides you an open bowling and league bowling that is quite modern. And that’s not everything. There is also a children’s playroom if you have very small kids, and everywhere around you can find arcade games.

For parents, there is a restaurant and a bar. Also, if you are a sports lover and you need to take your kid to this center, don’t worry, you won’t miss a game. There are sports televisions streaming all-important games that are playing. Try to visit this amazing place as soon as you have utilized PortaBox Storage self-storage services. Once you know your belongings are safe, it’s time for some fun.

Children sitting on a couch and playing video games.
Exploring Everett, WA with your kids can be fun, don’t let them stay inside and play video games.

It is summer season, so don’t forget that you all need some water fun

Some of exploring Everett, WA with your kids’ activities should contain fun with water. It is the summer season, and the weather will be quite warm. Of course, the first option would be to visit the lake Chaplain. But, if you want something even safer for your kids, there is an amazing option. There is a McCollum Park Pool where the entire family can go and have fun. First of all, it is a large outdoor pool, with a lap area. And there is an area that is ten-foot diving long, and another one for toddlers that is only three-foot depth.

If you are worried because your children don’t know how to swim, don’t be. You can take swimming lessons there at the pool. The safety of your children comes first, and you can be sure they are in safe hands. Now, to be able to enjoy these activities and to get to Everett as soon as possible, you will need a perfect packing plan. Without one, the relocation can last much longer than you can possibly even imagine.

When it comes to exploring Everett, WA with your kids, don’t forget to take them to the Legion Park

Legion Park is for many people one of the most beautiful places in Everett. But not only it is beautiful, but it also offers some activities and things to do. And all of them are family-oriented. So, you won’t have to worry about if things over there are for your kids or not. There are many fields of tennis, basketball, and baseball courts, so you can have a day related to sports only. But at the same time, you can take them to the greenhouse, arboretum, or a horticulture center. You can also have a sheltered picnic there in some areas, and there are many playgrounds that are perfect for walking and enjoying outside.

Kids preparing to play laser tag.
Take your kids to play laser tag in Everett, they will love it.

Another one of the parks that you must visit is a Forrest Park

You should know that there are many parks that are worth visiting. And you can do one park each Friday, for instance. In Forrest Park, you will also find many field courts for various sports such as street hockey, horseshoes, tennis, basketball, and so on. Also, there is a swimming center where you can spend the day. And the thing that is interesting for all the kids, is you can visit an animal farm. There are also plenty of hiking trails and picnic shelters, together with a water playground. So, don’t worry, there will be many things to do when it comes to exploring Everett, WA with your kids. You won’t have a boring weekend.