Guide to moving during a rainstorm

No one can predict a time with a hundred percent accuracy. Here is how it probably went for you: you planned your move thoroughly, you called a moving company, you agreed on a date, but on that date, an unfortunate thing happened – a rainstorm. Now you are worried that your precious stuff might get damaged, and you don’t want that. So you quickly go online and you try to find a solution to your problem. Thankfully you have found us! So, here is a complete guide to moving during a rainstorm. Let’s begin!

If you have to move today

If you found out that there will be a rainstorm on a moving day, it may seem like there is nothing you can do. But you can do one or two things. if you have stuff that needs protection, you should buy some large sheets of nylon. You simply should put that nylon on top of the stuff you own, and secure it with sticky tape.

A table that people are moving during a rainstorm.

Moving during a rainstorm can be a real hustle.

That should be enough as a basic protection for larger stuff. You can put your smaller stuff into plastic bags and you can also secure them with sticky tape. Try to use plastic bins instead of reused cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes can get wet and that may damage the contents of that box.

If you have a day or more before your relocation

If you are in a situation where you have a few days before the relocation to prepare, you can protect your stuff properly so you can move safely. You should buy some protective materials for your stuff. This is what you’ll need:

  • sticky tape
  • packing tape
  • large plastic sheets
  • sticky notes
  • plastic bins
  • plastic beads

Protect your home first

If you don’t want your floor to get wet when movers come, you should protect it. You can do that either by putting cardboard on your floor or by using plastic sheets. We recommend using plastic sheets instead of cardboard because cardboard can get wet and that way you’ll still have a wet and dirty floor.

Packing process

We have split the packing guide for moving during a rainstorm into a guide for packing larger and smaller belongings.

Packing larger stuff

Wrap your larger stuff with a few layers of packing tape and secure it with sticky tape. You have to do this in layers. Wrap one layer and secure it, then wrap another one, and another one, until you have at least three or four layers of protection.

Fancy bed.

You should protect your mattresses with plastic.

If you are transporting mattresses, try to wrap them in protective plastic. It would be best if you have the original packaging for them.

Packing smaller stuff

When moving during a rainstorm, wrap your smaller stuff with a few layers of protective plastic material. Secure those layers with sticky tape. After that put some protective packing materials like plastic beads inside the container. Close the container and secure it. Plastic bins are better than cardboard boxes since they are water-resistant. Label the stuff that mustn’t get wet with sticky tape.