Handling short notice relocation in NJ 101

The whole relocating process is complicated, even if you have plenty of time to prepare. But, when it comes to moving on short notice, that’s a whole new level of complicated. Because people usually start to panic in these situations, and that makes the process even harder. Good news is that there are tips for handling short notice relocation like a pro. And you won’t lose your nerve during the transition.

Don’t panic

First thing you should do in these situations is to stay calm. Even when performing a successful short notice move seems like an impossible mission. Believe in your abilities and be positive. Losing your head will only make things worse. Panic choices are the last thing you need when you’re handling short notice relocation. No matter how many days you have before moving day, you can still pull this off by making the right moves, and follow tips for how to stay organized during a move.

Accept it and start handling short notice relocation

People end up facing a last-minute move for many reasons. Here are the most frequent ones:

  • The movers you hired don’t show up
  • Your family and/or friends can’t help you
  • You get a promotion or a better job in another city
  • Or the impossibility to renew your lease on the apartment. So you’re moving out because of eviction.
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No matter about the reason for your short notice relocation, you can handle it.

Whatever the reason is, in the end, you have to relocate. And you’ll end up handling short notice relocation, therefore time is ticking away. But, when you’re in these situations, try not to think about why you’re about to start another moving adventure. You’ll analyze everything to the smallest detail when your relocation is over and once you sit comfortably in your new home. Instead, accept it, focus on the serious tasks ahead, and get down to work immediately.

To keep your sanity before, during and after moving day, here’s a list of recommended actions for handling short notice relocation in NJ.

Measure your options

Do a preliminary damage assessment report. This is very important, and it will determine your actions. Try to be realistic about the options you have, and be sure to ask the right questions.

  • Like how much time you have until the moving day comes?
  • How to move to another city? Who can help you relocate? Can you gather friends and how many of them?
  • Can you afford to hire a moving company?
  • How big is your moving budget? Do you have enough money to request complete relocation services from a moving company?

Handling short notice relocation – Hire movers or DIY?

The ultimate dilemma and the inevitable question is should you hire the movers or perform a DIY move. The right answer depends on variable factors, like the time, money, distance, moving labor and complexity of the relocation. In the end, you’ll be the one that makes the right call. And to make the smart decision, you have to be informed about both options. 

Hiring a moving company makes sense when you’re facing a short notice relocation because time is the leading factor. Professional movers have experience in packing, loading, transport and unloading your household items. They do that much faster than you could manage it. Just make sure you contact at least three companies. Request in-house wrote estimates from them and compare rates and conditions. Also, check their online reviews and see if they have USDOT Number. To find reliable movers visit sites like movingofamerica.com.

Relocating professional holding box - Handling short notice relocation is easier when you hire professionals to help you.

Moving professionals can take care of everything for you

Performing a DIY move makes sense if you’re relocating locally. And you have time to prepare the move. It also makes sense when you have many reliable friends who will help you. But, short notice relocations aren’t the best time for a DIY move unless you have experience and you know what it takes to pull it off. Or unless your careful analysis shows that it is the better way to go.

Organize yourself

When handling short notice relocation you know that there is very little time to get ready for the move. So, you have to create and maintain perfect organization throughout the relocation preparations. Also, you have to get into the right mental state to make the entire process quicker and stay on top of things. To achieve this every ultimate guide to moving home suggest you make a relocation plan. This helps you avoid facing a time defeat in a last-minute relocation. It also reduces stress. Because every time you finis task, you’ll feel that you’re making progress. Just make sure you prioritize your tasks. Put the harder ones first and leave the more manageable ones for last. Also, be very specific when setting your short-term goals. For example, put down packing bedroom instead of just writing packing.

Checklist and a marker

Handling short notice relocation is much easier when you make a moving checklist.

Pack like a pro

Packing is the most time-consuming task. So, learning how to make it shorter is a huge bonus for you.

Declutter – Don’t pack and move items you don’t use because you’ll end up wasting valuable time and money. Instead, go through your belongings and make a pile of the items you won’t need anymore. Then, sell, donate or throw away the unneeded and unusable one. 

Collect packing supplies –  You probably ask yourself how many boxes will I need for my relocation? Well, get as many clean sturdy boxes of different sizes as you can, from movers or local businesses like supermarkets. Then get wrapping paper, bubble and packing tape, and markers of different colors for labeling. For cushioning use old pieces of clothing.

Avoid moving mistakes when handling short notice relocation

Any mistake you make during the moving preparation will cost you time. The time that you don’t have. So, familiarize yourself with common moving mistakes and learn how to avoid them. Short notice relocations are may become chaotic towards the very end. But, you must stay calm. Just stick to your relocation plan, use these tips, be flexible and you’ll perform a perfect emergency move in no time.