Hawaii for first-timers: how to choose an island

Whether you plan to visit Hawaii for holidays or you’re considering to move there with your family, you should get to know all the gems of this state. Hawaii is a US state many people can only dream of visiting. If you are looking for a new place for your home or for a real estate you can invest in, Hawaii is the place you are looking for.

If you are a Hawaii first-timer, take a look at our short guide about the best Hawaiian islands to move to. Hopefully, this guide will help you choose the best one for your new home!

Beach in Hawaii

The nearby beaches have a lot of influence on the choice of Hawaiian island you choose.

Things to consider before choosing an island in Hawaii

Before you decide to visit or move to Hawaii, you should know what are you looking for in a Hawaiian island. Not every island in Hawaii is the same in size, and not all of them can offer everything you need. Some islands are perfect for a summer getaway, exploring hidden beaches and gems. However, other islands are more developed and offer better job opportunities and family homes. Take a look at some of the factors you should consider before you choose an island in Hawaii:

  • What type of home are you looking for? There are many housing options in Hawaii islands. Moreover, this state has some quality realtors who could help you find a new home. However, if you have certain conditions when it comes to buying a new home in Hawaii, you should research some islands and see what they offer.
  • Consider your budget for a new home. If you are a Hawaii first-timer, you should know that housing prices can be very high in this state. If you plan to move to Hawaii for a longer period, you should know your finances before investing in a real estate.
  • Are you looking for a new job in Hawaii? If you are considering a move to Hawaii, you should find out if the certain island offers job opportunities for your profession. Some islands are smaller than others and might not have some businesses developed. If you are looking to find a job in a bigger corporate company, you might want to consider living in one of the bigger islands.


Maui is an island in Hawaii and a home to nearly 160,000 people. If your work is related to tourism, construction or architecture, you might find a good job opportunity here. The thing is that Maui is one of the more developed islands in Hawaii, at least when it comes to finding a job.

If you are interested in a vivid nightlife and don’t have budget problems, Maui can be a great destination for you. This island might not be the most affordable one, but visiting it definitely pays off.

Big Island

Just as the name says, the Big Island is the biggest one in Hawaii. This place is perfect for everyone looking to explore wild nature, fishing, water sports, and magnificent ocean views. With two major towns – Hilo and Kona, you can choose whether to live in town or in a secluded beach house. The Big Island in Hawaii shows a significant development in many fields and it’s one of the best islands to find a job in the state.


If you ever saw a poster of Hawaii and a picture-perfect nature, that photo was probably taken on Kauai. This island represents everything we love about this state – amazing nature and wildlife and friendly people. However, this island might not be perfect for younger people who plan to move to this state long-term. As beautiful as it is, this island is pretty quiet and residents tend to lead a pretty laid back lifestyle, making it suitable for retirees.

Kauai island, Hawaii

Kauai offers a lot for Hawaii first-timers.


With all the islands we mentioned above, we shouldn’t forget the island Oahu. We could say with certainty that this is the most developed island in the state of Hawaii. If you are looking for an island that offers family homes, various job opportunities and vivid entertainment, Oahu could be a great place for your new home.

Hawaii for first-timers: how to organize a move?

Undersea photo of turtle

At the end of the day, it all comes down to taking your time in choosing your Hawaiian home and island.

If you plan to move to Hawaii, you should expect quite a change in your life. No matter where you are moving from, Hawaii is famous for having its own style of life and a very special vibe. If moving from a colder country or another US state, you should prepare for a change in the climate. Hawaii has a tropical climate, making it perfect for those who prefer summer all year long. Having this in mind, you can leave all of your winter clothes behind and move to this state for life.

If you are considering a Hawaii relocation, you can hire professional moving assistance and move without lifting a finger. Whether you are moving with your family or relocating your business to Hawaii, hiring a moving company to help you with the transportation of your belongings can be a good idea. No matter how much time you have to move, you should calculate your inventory and decide whether you should hire movers or not.

In the end, you should research all the islands before deciding on the perfect one to call your home. Moving to Hawaii can be quite a change, especially if you are moving from a metropolitan city or a colder climate. Get to know the Hawaiian Islands and choose the perfect one for your next move!