Hidden moving costs and how to spot them

Well moving is a serious business that must be planned in detail and prepared accordingly. It takes time and money to complete but with dedication and good organization it can be a great success. However, you must keep in mind that it can be an expensive endeavor. It is also connected to some hidden moving costs that can appear when you least expect them. In addition, they are present in all aspects of the moving whether you are moving DIY o with professional help. To be on the safe side when planning your move you should know what they are and how to identify them.

Do your research

Many moving costs can be foreseen with proper preparation and research. The trick is to prepare well and identify where they might occur. If you start moving on your own, there are many aspects of this process that you should prepare for. If you don’t it may turn out to be too expensive and out of your budget. On the other side, hiring professionals to do the job may be less stressful but also prove to be costly through some hidden or unexpected moving costs.

Moving crew loading a truck can present hidden moving costs
Movers can surprise you with some unexpected hidden moving costs so pay attention to the fine print

Many fine-print charges can drive your moving expenses through the roof. Here is what you should expect:

For Professional moves:

  • Assembly and disassembly fees – are extra cost that might be a surprise from your movers. Some items like beds usually have to be disasembled for safe transport.
  • Long carry, hoist and stair fees – you will be charged extra if the moving truck cant be parked close enough. If the items are to big to fit through doors or when movers are forced to cary items up and down stairs
  • Valuable and bulky items handling – handling artwork and bulky items like piano takes extra care. Be sure that you will be charged for it
  • Overnight fees – when movers cant make the same day delivery you can be charged for safe keeping of your belongings.
A woman carrying moving boxes
Even when moving DIY to save money you can be unpleasantly surprised by unforeseen expenses.

For DIY moves

It may seem that doing your move DIY can be a lot cheaper. It certainly will be more stressful as you have to worry about everything yourself but some expenses might surprise you. Here are just a few hidden moving costs to keep in mind:

  • Truck insurance and insurance rider – make sure you have the insurance for your rented truck. Any exident may prove to be too much of an expoence. Also make msue to have your property insured during transit
  • Check the truck – check the condition of your rental truck. Having it breake dow during yur move can be a significant finantial burden
  • Sleeping expenses – keep in mind that you will have to eat, sleep and spend money on fuel for your longdistance DIY move. Many people neglet to take this cost into account
  • Storage – Sometime you will need to pay for storage services for some of your belongings. It is ahidden cost than can occur if yu have any moving delays.
  • The right packing suplies – can be expensive but you will be unpleasently surpriesed if you have to buy extra boxes and bubble wrap. So keep in mind and try to budget these items realistically

Take the time to prepare

So, there are always some hidden moving costs that are connected to your move. However, with proper preparation, you can spot them on time and account for them in advance.