Home-buying benefits for seniors in Fort Collins

Buying a home as a senior is for the most part something that many seniors do not look forward to. For the most part, seniors have lived in the same place for many previous years and it is only natural that they don’t look forward to the upcoming changes. Especially, because the motivations behind the necessary changes are often unwanted. Purchasing a new home for seniors is financially usually a big burden. So, let’s discuss a few home-buying benefits for seniors in Fort Collins that can be of use.

Best home-buying benefits for seniors in Fort Collins, Colorado

There are several reasons why the elderly decide it is time to put down roots elsewhere. Maintainance is very often a big problem with countless older folks. Followed by mortgages and other expenses that can’t be covered with a fixed income. Not to mention, what worked for them years ago doesn’t necessarily get the job done nowadays. So, there are many valid reasons that would motivate or even force some seniors to leave or sell their current homes or properties. If you find yourself in such a predicament it is important to know all your options. Only once you do, you can be sure you have made the best choice for yourself. Thus, when in the process of buying a new property, keep our tips and advice in your mind.

An elderly man coming out of his home to get a package left outside.

Home-buying benefits for seniors give elderly folks the needed financial help to purchase a property where they feel more comfortable.

Mortgage types available to the elderly in Fort Collins

No matter if you are trying to downsize your current living space, get a more convenient home, or just move closer to relatives and other family members, many seniors still get stuck with a mortgage payment. Since dealing with a mortgage is much more difficult on a fixed income, it is important to make a perfect choice when choosing a mortgage type. So, once you are done browsing places retirees love to move to and you find your perfect home, it is time to get down to business. Let’s see which choice is right for your financial conditions.

Mortgage spelled out with white blocks on a wooden surface.

Standard Mortgage

This mortgage is very standard and your first mortgage was most likely based on this model. The length of this loan is usually from five to thirty years. Being eligible for this mortgage depends on your credit scores and your monthly income.

Second mortgage

A less common choice than the standard mortgage. Most often than not taken out after the first mortgage as an additional loan. Consequently, it is a smaller amount of money. Since a second loan naturally poses a higher risk to the lender or bank, the interest rates are significantly higher.

Refinanced Mortgage

An underdog among mortgages. If used correctly it can be a lifesaver. Should be used to cover (refinance) your previous mortgage, and while you are at it change the type of your interest rate. The smart move would be changing the type of interest rates from variable to fix. As a result, you eliminate the element of surprise. No need for a crystal ball to known the height of your future payments. The amount would always be the same (fixed). It is a great way to budget easier and have peace of mind when on a fixed income.

Never put your guard down

Sadly many seniors are targeted by scam artists and others trying to take advantage of them. This might sound like something that happens in the movies. You might think it could never happen to you. But, oh it can! Ask yourself do you really want to chance it with your life savings or your property? So, always have one eye open and don’t make any hasty decisions. These are the most common instances of how the elderly are taken advantage of.

  • Not being familiar with real estate market trends – lowballing property prices since people aren’t aware of current
  • property prices
  • Rushing the choice to avoid logical reaction
  • Praying of emotions and memories that seniors have towards property or a specific place

Professional assistance is often necessary

The main reason why home-buying benefits for seniors are necessary is that living on a fixed income is not a walk in the park. That is why many seniors do their best to pinch pennies where ever they can. That is when mistakes are being made. There are certain things that cost money but they pay off in the long run. Hiring professional help is a great example of that. Hiring a reliable and experienced real estate agent is a great example of professional assistance that can be of great help. Also, professional movers are very often a must when moving in or out of a property. In case you need such services you can always visit homegrownmoving.com.

An elderly woman walking with a nurse.

Don’t skip on asking for help! We all need a helping hand now and again.

Local moving companies in Fort Collins

For all seniors living near Forth Collins, we have some great news. There are excellent moving professionals in the area that can make sure your relocation is nothing but a massive success. All you need to do is reach out to experts in the area and let them know you need their assistance on your moving day.

Specialized moving services for seniors and their needs

But, we are not done yet! Not only are there superb moving companies in the area, but most of them provide custom moving services for senior folks. Specialized teams throughout the state are available to you and they will make sure your moving needs are covered.


There are many more home-buying benefits for seniors that we haven’t touched upon. We covered the most used benefits. However, others are available that are more difficult to understand. That is why we would advise you to go through them with a professional financial advisor. Understanding just the basics of a benefit or a loan might be insufficient. There is plenty of fine print and details that you can’t know and cover on your own. So, don’t be hesitant to ask for help. Once you are done with the grilling process of moving and purchasing a new home, all you need to do is settle in and fully enjoy your retirement.