Home staging tips for your home in Greensboro, NC

Home staging is a huge part of the real estate industry. Staging your home means making it look presentable to the world when you are trying to sell it or rent it out. Not every home is appealing to people. And even if the house looks great, the interior is what sells it. This is why putting an effort into making your home look amazing before putting it on the market is very important. Selling a house is a long and complicated process, you don’t want to make it any longer by trying to sell a home that doesn’t look nice. So, we decided to help you out a bit. Especially if you live in North Carolina, more precisely, Greensboro. Since there has been an increase of people selling their homes as well as people buying homes in Greensboro, we wanted to give you a couple of home staging tips that you could use in order to make your Greensboro home more appealing. Bear in mind that this might mean that you have to make a small investment in your home.

Clean everything up

The most important thing is to clean everything up. You have to make sure that the home you are trying to sell is clean and tidy. This will make it look ten times nicer than it looked before. But by cleaning we don’t just mean vacuum the floors and wipe off the dust. You have to do thorough house cleaning. Especially if you will be having an open house. When people come in, they want to feel like they just walked into a completely new home even though you have lived there for years. This is why cleaning is important. But even if people aren’t going to be coming into your home, making it look nice and clean for the pictures is an important step.

Clean your home thoroughly.

You can do this yourself or you can hire professional house cleaners and have them do this. This house cleaning means you have to clean every corner of your house, the doors and windows as well. Even though you might not notice it, doors get very dirty over time. Especially white doors. If you have white walls, cleaning them a little too won’t be a bad idea at all.

Get rid of the clutter

While you are cleaning your home, you will surely be moving things around and doing a little bit of packing perhaps as well. If this is the case, now is the perfect time to get rid of the things you don’t need and get rid of the clutter in your home. Moving into another home means a new start. Why bring the things that you don’t need and use into your new home? They will just end up taking space and creating more clutter. And you will surely be buying some new things for your new home. And if moving with a moving company such as bestbetmovingandlabor.com, moving these things won’t be a problem. But why would you want to make your move more expensive by moving more things than necessary? You don’t have to throw these things away. Just donate them or sell them online or to your local thrift store. You can organize a virtual garage sale.

Home office.
Get rid of the clutter and display as little as possible while also making sure that it doesn’t look too empty.

One of the best home staging tips is to have displayed as little as possible. This is why decluttering your home before selling it is very important. Only leave out the things that add to the look of your home. Have in mind that less is more and that there are more people who like simplicity than people that like a home with a lot of unnecessary decorative pieces.

De-personalize your home

When trying to sell a home, this isn’t your home anymore. This is why you have to de-personalize it. Remove anything that implies to your personal life. Things such as family pictures, things that have been in your family for a long time, anything your children made you, anything you made, etc. Leave the house looking as “AirBnB-ish” as possible. This is surely one of the best home staging tips to apply.

A lot of people seem to find this to be a big problem as they don’t have where to put all these things that they have to remove from their home. And we have a solution for that! You can simply put away items that cause clutter in a storage unit. You can use this storage unit until you move into your new Greensboro home. Just make sure you know how to choose a storage unit.

Make sure that there aren’t any instances that anybody lived in the house before.

Replace old things

As you are trying to sell a home, you might also want to do some investing in it so that the price can be higher. If that is the case, then we know a couple of things that you could do. You can repaint your walls and tiles. This will give them a fresher look than just cleaning them. If the bathroom is very old, consider affordably remodeling your bathroom. You should also replace all the doorknobs, electric sockets, light switches, faucets, handles. These are very small things but they count as well.

Replace old curtains with new ones. Curtains are just fabrics and they wear out over time. If they aren’t very old, just washing them is sometimes enough. You should also make sure that the furniture is clean as well. Hire furniture cleaners. Invest in new throw pillows, more modern ones. Rugs can start to look very old and bad after some time. And washing it can sometimes be too little of an effort. You might also have to purchase new rugs.

Don’t leave the walls too empty. Get some artwork or posters, depending on what goes well with the home. Make sure that the colors match the color scheme of your home. The more everything matches the better. But don’t make every wall in your home have something on it. Consider leaving at least one wall completely empty. This is one of the more secret home staging tips. People love to see a blank wall as much as they have seeing plenty of them.