How to buy a perfect home for you?

Buying a house or an apartment is a big decision in your life. So, how to buy a perfect home and to make a smart decision? Especially if this is your first buying, it is easy to get lost and to forget something. You need a guide, some tips that will help you with this huge decision. Take a paper, and write down everything, let’s begin immediately!

Writing a checklist for buying home.

Write down your wishes and priorities for buying your dream home.

Buy a perfect home for you – how to choose?

The moment is here. But, you should consider a few things. Put everything on a paper, your wishes and requirements. These are things you must consider before you buy any home.

Home price

Price is a huge factor when you are choosing a house or apartment. No matter are you buying or renting. Probably you have already set a budget. The price will also determine the size and location of your future home. Think about a residential area that falls within your allocated budget, you should consider that option too. Areas with more amenities are more expensive. of course. So, what are your needs and priorities when you are choosing home? Also, consider taxes for buying home. It is different from state to state.

Money for buying a perfect home.

After you have saved enough money for buying a home, you can choose a perfect one.


First, of course, choose the city, but it is not the end of searching. After that, a certain part of the city (neighborhood). The location is very important. Especially, if you have children or you want to have children in the future. Then you should consider the safety of the neighborhood and schools too. Do you want they walk to school or you will drive them, or they can go with the bus? Also, parks are important. If you already have a job in the city, do you want your office near your home or not?


The size of the home depends on how many people in the family do you have and, of course, how big home do you want. Do you want to buy a house or a flat, if you love a big yard, then the house is a better option.

  • How many bedrooms and bathroom do you need and can afford. If you have kids if you are planning kids in the future. Can they share a room or not. If the bedrooms are big, maybe they can. Many people want to have a bathroom on the main floor for the guest.
  • Buy a perfect home with an amazing kitchen if you love to cook. If you are cooking every day, search for the kitchen with all necessary appliances.
  • Most people today love to have an open concept living room, dining room and kitchen. It is very popular and practical. Your home will look so much bigger.

Public transportation

Transportation is very important if you have to travel to your work every day. What will be the length of time to get to work and back? It is very exhausting if you have to travel every day. Sometimes it is worth it to give a little more money for a good location. That’s how you will save money on gas or monthly bus ticket.

How to know you have found a perfect home

Pick a few houses and take a tour. Tips are always welcome especially for buying an apartment building. But, on what else to pay attention? How to know that you have found your dream home. You will feel immediately when you enter.

The first impression

The first 5 seconds are maybe the most important when you are buying a home. If you feel negative energy right after you enter into a house, it is a probably a bad sign.

Good vibes, logo.

Good vibes are the most important thing when you are choosing a home for you.

You can imagine your furniture inside

When you catch yourself thinking about how your furniture will look inside of the living room or the master bedroom, or painting the walls, you know that this is a perfect home for you. When you know, you know. The inner feeling cannot lie. If you are thinking about putting a Christmass tree next to the window, that’s it.

You want to stop searching

After you see your perfect home, you will stop searching. And if you do, they do not attract you anymore, even if they were on the list. The homes you have seen before will be pale in comparison.

Best places for buying a home in the USA

Where is the most affordable place to buy a home nowadays? Money is a huge factor when people are buying a new home for them. So, this is a list of the cities with the most affordable houses where you can settle in.

  • Buy a perfect home and affordable in Fayetteville, Arkansas. A median home price is $183,000.
  • Another affordable city for buying a home is Raleigh-Durham in North Carolina. There the average home price is $220,000.
  • You can get a beautiful home for a very affordable price, $169,000 in Des Moines, Iowa.
  • Salt Lake City in Utah has affordable homes for the average price of $248,000.
  • Colorado Springs in Colorado also has amazing homes and their median home price is $228,500.

A good real estate agent

Hire a good real estate agent who understands your needs. It is a very important factor because you cannot find a good house without a real estate agent. Get recommendation, do a research and find experienced one. It is a key to finding your future home.

So, now when you know how to buy a perfect home and how to choose it, start searching. It will be the most stressful and the most beautiful experience in your life so, enjoy. We hope that we helped with picking your future dream home. Good luck.