How to choose the right insurance adjuster?

In case you have an emergency in your home in form of a damage you will need to choose the right insurance adjuster to help. The following guide will help you understand what insurance adjusters do and when should you contact them. Learn how to find suitable insurance adjuster for your damage and stay safe when dealing with insurance companies.

What insurance adjusters do?

Insurance adjuster or insurance claim adjuster is a person who will access the damage to your home. Before you file an insurance claim, your insurance adjuster needs to calculate all the damages to your home.


The insurance adjuster is the person who can help you make an insurance claim.

The entire process of dealing with insurance companies can get quite complicated. For this reason, you should know how to choose the quality public insurance adjusters in Florida. A reliable insurance adjuster has numerous responsibilities that include:

  • Inspecting your property for the damage
  • Reviewing the claimed damage in your home
  • Talking to any witnesses
  • Speaking to you and reviewing the fact of the incident
  • Writing a complete damage report
  • Determine your financial loss

When damage happens, the quality insurance adjuster will inspect the property and the damage that is happened. He will work to get a complete picture of the situation. After your insurance adjuster completes his report, he will contact your insurance company. He will present his findings and calculate the accurate amount of what you’re owed.

In case you choose the right insurance adjuster, everything will go according to plan. If the person you hire is a professional with experience, he will provide the correct estimate. This number becomes the official amount for your insurance settlement. If everything goes according to a standard procedure, the insurance company will accept the claim and cover your loss.

When do you need an insurance adjuster?

Keep in mind that there are quality insurance adjusters are here to help you deal with the insurance companies. They are here to access any type of damage that can happen in your home. They are the people that can help you get to funds and recover from damage caused by lightning. If this happens, you should find the best person for the job. He will prove the damage and calculate the real costs for the insurance company.


If you live in the area with frequent storms, consider getting the best insurance policy.

When you choose the right insurance adjuster you can expect them to even represent your interests during this difficult time. Most people believe they may need a lawyer when their insurance claim has been denied. But they are wrong. In that case, hiring the right insurance adjuster is the right next step.  You should choose the right insurance adjuster to represent your interests with your insurance company. With the right professional, the fire damage, the water damage, and the damage to your roof can be controlled. The professional insurance adjuster is the right person to call when dealing with your insurance companies for any damage that may occur.

Different types of insurance adjusters

When in a situation you have to deal with your insurance company, you should know how to choose the best insurance adjuster. To do that like a professional, you should first know what type of insurance adjusters exist and how they conduct their estimates. There is three type of insurance adjusters that you may come in contact with.

A public insurance adjuster

A public insurance adjuster is a handler who specializes in insurance claims. He advocates you as a policyholder and appraises and negotiates the insurance claim. Every public insurance adjuster has the official license from the state with the department of insurance. The licensed public adjusters are the legal representatives the right of an insured party during an insurance claim process. Keep in mind that every reliable public adjuster will charge the percentage of the settlement. The usual amount is 15-30 percent depending on the damage, the value of the insurance claim and the insurance adjusters experience.

When you choose the right insurance adjuster, he will first appraise the damage of the property and prepare the official estimate. After that, he will order a claim documentation and read the official policy of insurance to determine details of that official legal document. At the end when the adjuster determines the coverages, he will negotiate the terms with an insurance company’s claims handler. He will try to get the real amount that will cover your damage and all the full amount that will cover your repairs costs.

An independent insurance adjuster

An independent insurance adjuster will provide services to government entities, insurance companies, and self-insured firms. He will work on a contract basis to each of these companies. Independent insurance adjusters usually have a lot of experience in different claims. Companies hire them when they are overloaded with claims when the claim requires special experts to adjust the claim.

Staff insurance adjusters

Staff adjusters work directly for an insurance carrier. They represent the interests of the company when dealing with insurance claims.

How to choose the right insurance adjuster?

Choosing the right insurance adjuster is a crucial part of the insurance process. Knowing how to do it properly choose the right insurance adjuster will save you a lot of headaches when dealing with the insurance company. On the other hand, you should keep in mind that in the insurance business, like in any other you may encounter the person working without an official license. To avoid problems when fining insurance adjusters, follow our tips and make the entire process easier.


Choose the right insurance adjuster when making an insurance claim.

  • Check the public insurance adjuster reviews – Any reputable public insurance adjuster will have an online presence. Make sure to read up on the official online reviews before you hire anyone to represent you.
  • The public adjuster should have experience – The person you hire should have the official license. Make sure he is a member of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA),
  • Avoid adjusters that offer unreasonable rates – Choose the right insurance adjuster based on a rate. If the rate is high, consider you are dealing with a professional who is handling big insurance claims and has years of experience and practice.
  • Don’t trust the adjuster who will make promises or pressure you into signing the deal on the spot