How to Clean Your House Like a Professional?

While for some cleaning the house has an almost therapeutic effect, for others is a dreadful choir. Still, from time to time, it’s time for detailed scrubbing of your home. If you want to clean your house like a professional, this guide will help you to do it in the easiest manner.

Is it time for a big cleaning?

You probably heard the expression “the big spring house cleaning”. Still, the change in seasons isn’t affecting everyone or are the only reason to clean your house.
Here are some situations that are demanding very detailed cleaning of your home.

  • When you are moving – Relocation is a hard process and cleaning your house before a move is one of the choirs. If you choose to hire a reliable moving company like, then you know that you have ensured the easy, safe and stressfree relocation. Hiring such professionals with plenty of experience leaves you plenty of time to focus on other choirs. Like cleaning your house and living it presentable.
  • When you have a baby on the way – Infants are very delicate and sensitive. That is why your house needs to be spotless before it arrives.
  • After the renovation – Home remodeling is the main reason for the big spring cleaning. Since most of the reparations are being done with the first signs of the nice weather. Even if you play it smart when remodeling a house, the mess after the repairs is inevitable.
  • Your pet lives indoor – Unless you have a hairless cat, you will need to clean your house thoroughly more often. Pets hair get into everything, and your home needs a detailed scrubbing at least twice a month.
  • Before you go on a trip – If you are planning a long holiday, also plan to clean your house completely before you go. Pay special attention to your kitchen. Be sure to clean all food leftovers and crumbs so they don’t attract the vermins. That way, when you come back, you will only have to deal with dust, not the new, unwelcomed tendons.

 Clean your house step by step

Cleaning is one of the major issues when you are choosing should you live in the house or at the apartment. Sure, the house has its many benefits, but the apartment is much easier to clean.
When you are living in the house and you determine to clean it from top to bottom, it may be hard to decide where to begin. The best is to go from the hardest task to the easiest one. Also, be sure to tackle one room at the time. Creating a house cleaning checklist may be a good idea. When you write down all the things that need a good scrubbing, there are the fewer chances that you will forget something.

Checklist for cleaning your kitchen:

  • Washing the dishes.
  • Wiping down countertops and cabinets.
  • Cleaning the face of all appliances.
  • Wiping down stove top.
  • Cleaning inside of microwave and toaster.
  • Cleaning inside and around the sink.
  • Sweeping and mopping the floor.
  • Washing the kitchen cloths.

Cleaning checklist for your bathroom:

  • Removing rugs or floor towels.
  • Removing everything from tub or shower.
  • Scrubbing the tub or a shower.
  • Cleaning the shower track.
  • Rinsing off walls of tub/shower and drying it with a cloth.
  • Applying the tile and grout cleaner, allowing it to sit, then rinse it out.
  • Spraying and scrubbing all the surfaces.
  • Cleaning the floor.
  • Scrubbing the sink.
  • Using the grout brush along faucet and drain.
  • Wiping down cabinet fronts and the vanity countertop.
  • Cleaning the mirror (spray glass cleaner on soft cloth and buff).
  • Shining the faucets.
  • Replacing the rugs, bath mat, towels, and wastebaskets.
When you clean your house, start with bathroom.

Bathroom maybe the hardest room to clean, so it’s not a bad idea to start your house cleaning there.

Cleaning checklist for your bedrooms

  • Removing the clutter and organizing wardrobe.
  • Dusting.
  • Vacuuming.
  • Making the bed.
  • Folding laundry and putting it in the dresser.
  • Washing the windows.
When you decide to clean your house, leave bedroom for the end.

Organizing the closet is usually the most time-consuming task when cleaning the bedroom.

Cleaning checklist for your living room

  • Dusting all the surfaces.
  • Dusting frames, memorabilia, small sculptures, art collection.
  • Vacuuming.
  • Wiping all the surfaces.
  • Throwing away old newspapers and magazines laying around.
  • Making sure that everything is in its place.
  • Swiping or wiping the floor.
  • Washing the windows.
Don't forget to wash the windows when you decide to clean your house.

By washing the windows, your living room will immediately shine brighter.

Hire the professionals

While you can always clean your house yourself, there are the times when it’s best to hire professional help. Accommodating a house guest or a family may not be such case, but moving to another home certainly is. Leaving your house spotless when moving to a distant city or another state is a nice way to say goodbye to your renter or to say hi to the new owners.
Since moving is such an exhausting task, cleaning your house after packing will burden you even further.
Hiring someone to do it for you is the best way to keep at least one thing out of your mind.
Also, when your house is empty and clean, you can notice if there are any damages. If there are, you are may be eligible to file a property damage claim and get free repairments.

Of course, moving to a new home isn’t the only situation when you can get the cleaning assistance. There is a lot of prejudice about people who often hire housekeeping services, but in fact, that makes the life so much easier. So if you can afford it, go for it. It’s better to enjoy yourself while others tend to your house than to be miserable and tired from both work and cleaning.