How to find a job after moving to Dubai?

People all around the World move to foreign countries in order to take the next big step in their careers or search for jobs that will allow them to travel and explore other cultures. With all of the perks of modern ages and internet, we can use, finding a job abroad is nowadays as easy as it gets. However, with so many available sources online you need to make sure you find reliable ones. In order to help people make informed decisions when moving World Real Estate Directory focuses on all aspects of a domestic and foreign move, you need to pay a close attention to. Therefore if you want to relocate to UAE  and find a job after moving to Dubai, here is a helpful all-you-need-know guide.

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Moving to a foreign country can help you improve your career

Getting to know Dubai

During the past few decades, Dubai as the rest of the UAE has become not only a famous touristic destination but also a popular place to move when searching for a job abroad. With the population of 9.2 million people,  7.8 million of them being expats, Dubai seems like a great place to move for work. However, even though Dubai is considered to be safe and economically stable, the city is not a typical busy urban metropolis. UAE are welcoming to foreigners, however, its government expects you to follow their strict rules and adjust to the customs. All of which doesn’t have to be a bad thing and you may enjoy living in Dubai. However, just like with any other foreign country you should get to know its customs and ways well in advance before you start searching for a job a job in Dubai and planning your move.

Pros and cons of moving to Dubai for work

Just like with any other large city, living in Dubai has its pros and cons. Getting to know your future home city will help you adjust to such a huge change as an international move and also relocate mush easier. Therefore, prior to moving to Dubai, evaluate the pros and cons of your move.


  • Job opportunities.

Many large international companies have their offices in Dubai and other large cities in UAE. Also, Dubai is well known as a popular vacation destination for rich people from all over the World. Therefore, you may expect to find some of the best World’s hotel chains, restaurants, and shops hiring in Dubai.

  • Economical stability.

With a great job market comes economical stability and high salaries.

  • No income tax.

This comes as a surprise for most foreigners moving to Dubai. However, it is true. Therefore, the ability to save money while working is one of the most common reasons why people decide to relocate to UAE.

  • Non-hectic daily lifestyle.

Busy streets and everyone running around in a rush is not a daily scene you will see in UAE when you find a job after moving to Dubai.

  • Safety.

Dubai is a safe place to live in, with extremely low crime rates.


  • High temperatures.

Living in a hot climate might be a dream for many people. However, if you come from northern parts and are used to heavy snow and low temperatures, dealing with heat and humidity maybe won’t be so easy for you.

  • Hectic traffic.

Driving in Dubai is hectic. Therefore many of expats prefer taking the metro or a bus to work.

  • Dubai can be expensive.

High expenses are matched with high salaries in Dubai. However, dining out can be quite pricey in Dubai.

  • There is no place like home.

UAE has a specific culture and customs. And even though you will most likely enjoy the safe and laid-back lifestyle, moving to a foreign country can be overwhelming. For some people even moving to another city in their area equals huge lifestyle changes. Leaving your friends and family and moving to a foreign country for work may sound like an amazing adventure. However, make sure you evaluate whether you are ready to become an expat before you start searching for a job in Dubai.

Find a job in Dubai

Searching for a job in a foreign country can be difficult. Especially if you haven’t visited the area before. In order to find a job after moving to Dubai easily and make sure it is the right position for you, you will need to follow a few important steps:

  • Research visa requirements.
  • Get to know the job market.
  • Find a job after moving to Dubai by applying online or using recruiters.

Do you need a visa to enter UAE?

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Research visa requirements before you start searching for a job in Dubai

Many people decide to visit Dubai and start searching for a job once they get there. Being able to come in for an interview may help you lad a job. However,  you need to make sure you have enough time to apply for more than 1 position. Therefore research in advance whether you need a visa to enter UAE. It could be possible to enter Dubai and stay up to 90 days without a visa if you come from some of the countries that are a part of EU. However, there are many many more counties whose citizens are obliged to obtain a 30-day tourist visa.

Research the job market

Dubai has a steady job market. However, this only applies to certain industries like IT, hospitality, finance, tourism, health and fitness and a few more. Therefore, if you are in Dubai and want to start working as a trainer today, that might be easier than you think. However, with other industries, finding a job may require a detailed search.

Find a job after moving to Dubai by applying online

find a job after moving to Dubai online

Look for open positions online

When searching for a job in Dubai online you will be able to find many helpful websites and information sources. Online platforms like Dubai Personal Trainers allow you to apply directly and contact your potential clients and employees via email or phone. Besides applying directly you can also search for a recruiter. There are many headhunting agencies in Dubai. Therefore, searching for a job with the help of a professional may be the easiest solution. However, pay a close attention and avoid scams by using only services from agencies that charge fees only to the employers.

Prepare for the move

Moving to a foreign country can be a complicated process, so make sure you start preparing well in advance. Hire an international relocation specialist and pick the right moving services. This will allow you to focus on planning the next step in your career. All while being sure your belongings will be transferred safely and quickly. With a detailed packing and moving plan, you will easily relocate and find a job after moving to Dubai.