How to pack and move your pantry

Moving is not an easy process at all. You have to take care of your home or apartment, and you have to organize, plan, and execute your move. And one of the best pieces of advice when it comes to moving organization is to pack room by room. Why is that? Every room in a home has its special quirks and moving a living room, for example, can differ significantly from moving a basement. When you frame it that way, it seems obvious. Pantry is not an exception. A pantry is a room in which people store their food and their kitchenware. That means that you have to take into account food packing and packing of kitchenware. So, how to pack and move your pantry? Let’s find out!

Throw away unnecessary stuff

Most importantly, take time to organize your move. You don’t want to move everything you own with you to your new location. You will just move clutter from one place to another. And there is no better time to declutter your home, and your pantry, than in the process of packing, just before your relocation. So, check the expiration dates of your food, and throw away the food that is no longer good.

Also, if you have too much stuff, you can get rid of that stuff. If you have food that is still good, but you cannot bring it with you to your new chosen destination, you can give that away to someone. That can be your neighbor, a member of your family, or anyone you wish.

A woman is showing how to pack and move your pantry

You should keep your food cool when you’re cleaning your pantry.

Keep the food cool

Pantry is quite often the cold room in the house. And it must be. Some food in the pantry can spoil very easily if you put it at a higher temperature. So, if you decide to clean your pantry before you move, you should move your food to a new place, like your fridge. But, you should avoid bringing food that is easily spoiled. You cannot bring eggs, meat, opened bags of snacks, and similar things with you. Ask for more information about that.

Pack the food

There is some more expensive stuff in the pantry, and you should keep them safe. It would be almost unethical to throw away your spices and oils. And if you have to throw away your oil when you pack and move your pantry, you shouldn’t just jam it into a sink. This is very dangerous for the environment, and you should know how to dispose of your oil properly. Throw it away into a trash can. So, how can you pack your pantry?

Spice in a spoon.

Pack your pantry by packing your spices. It would be a crime against humanity to throw away your spices!

You should place your bagged food in grocery bags and seal it with tape to prevent any chance of leaking. Also, to pack and move your pantry, you have to wrap your jars and spices into protective plastic wrap. Put them in the box, and write ‘fragile’ on that box. You can even write ‘perishable’ on that box. That way you will know to open your box immediately after you come to your new place.