How to pack electronic devices for storage

Computer. Television. Stereo equipment. Tablets. Living in the 21st century, these are just some of the electronic devices every one of us uses and has in our homes. And these are one more thing to think about when moving. You want to keep them safe and intact, and to make sure that they last as long as possible. Therefore, the question arises. How to pack electronic devices for storage?

Moving and packing

The first thing, that leads to relocating, is, of course, finding the right place to live. But, even though you may think it ends there, it doesn’t. Looking for a moving company, packing, storing, these are some of the things that precede all that. You have to think about things that you’ll put in storage until you settle down in your new home. Some of them need special treatment if you want them to last. And we’re here to help you pack your precious electronic friends away.

How to pack electronic devices for storage

First of all, you’re gonna have to find appropriate storage for your stuff. Next, you’ll want to find the best way to pack it and protect it. So here is some advice to help you pack:

  • Follow the product manual
  • Save boxes for repacking
  • Packing materials
  • Wrap them
  • Color stickers for cords
  • Storage temperature
  • Inventory list

Also, follow and read the user’s manual, as it usually contains a part on how to properly store and pack electronic devices.

Save boxes for repacking

It is recommended to save the package when you’re unpacking the device. You can always find boxes, maybe you already have some left to reuse when needed, but it is best to pack electronics in the original packet.

A man wrapping a box on the table showing how to pack electronic devices for storage
Use the original boxes to pack your devices

Packing materials

If you can’t find the original, make sure to provide everything you need to pack it the best way possible. Boxes, papers, tape, scissors, markers, and stickers.

Wrap them

You want extra security within the box itself. Wrap devices in papers, bubble wraps, or blankets, to prevent dust from getting to your devices. For more protection, seal firmly all the boxes with packing tape.

Color stickers for cords

Place colored stickers on the cords, and the same color sticker on the place where it plugs into the device. Also, you want to pack each device with only its belonging cords. This will help you once you start unpacking and connecting them.

Storage temperature

As we already mentioned, firstly, you’ll need to find the right kind of storage. Secondly, when choosing, you have to keep in mind that some electronics require a climate-controlled unit.

A blue and white thermostat on the wall
Choose a climate-controlled unit

Inventory list

Make a list of everything in the box. Once you need to start using your device again, you’ll want to have all the parts. This way you’ll be certain that you’ve packed everything.

All done!

And that’s pretty much it. The safest and the most efficient way to pack electronic devices for storage. And now that your electronic friends are well taken care of, you may give yourself a break. Go and have a byte.