How to prepare antique furniture for storage

How do you keep your antique furniture safe and sound while in storage? Easily! You take the time to prepare antique furniture for storage and to store it correctly. We are going to be honest with you – doing this will require some of your time, energy, and of course, money. But, once you do all of this, trust us, your stored antique furniture will not only stay intact but also be in peak condition once you decide to take it out of the storage. Thus, do not think much. Keep on reading to see how to prepare antique furniture for storage.

Clean and Disinfect

Whether you plan on storing collectibles, fine art, or delicate and fragile pieces of antique furniture, the first thing you must do is clean them. Just think about it – if your items are dirty, that dirt can evolve into rust, mold, or who knows what. Thus, do your items a favor, and clean them properly. Some furniture items will need just quick brushing with a microfiber cloth. But, others, may require deep cleaning – everything from vacuuming the fabrics to using specialized cleaners and cloths for cleaning all of its surfaces. But, do not be sorry to waste a little of your time and energy on this as this is the best way to prepare antique furniture for relocation.

A room filled with antique furniture before you prepare antique furniture for storage.

Make sure your antique pieces of furniture are thoroughly clean before you store them.

Disassemble What You Can

Next, disassemble what you can! Most bigger pieces of antique furniture like wardrobes, beds, sofas, tables, chairs, etc., can be disassembled into smaller parts. This makes packing and storing them much easier! However, let us warn you, doing this can also make some of your antique pieces of furniture rather wobbly later on, but only, of course, if you do not know what you are doing. So, if you do not have an expert by your side, be sure to find some tips for disassembling furniture (the one you have) before you start.

Gather Proper Packing Materials

If you want to prepare antique furniture for storage and ensure it stays intact for many months (and maybe even years) to come, you must pack it first. For that, you will need proper packing materials. For larger pieces of furniture, we suggest buying a pallette, packing paper, and plastic wrap. And, for small pieces of furniture, besides all the previously mentioned things, you will also need cardboard boxes, packing peanuts, duct tape, scissors, and a permanent marker (for labeling).

Packing peanuts and a duct tape.

The best way to prepare antique furniture for storage is to pack it with proper packing supplies.

Pack it Properly

Last but certainly not least thing to do in order to prepare antique furniture for storage is to pack it properly. For this step, of course, you should use all the packing materials mentioned above. Then, pack each piece separately. Larger pieces should be wrapped, first in packing paper, and then in plastic wrap. Smaller pieces should be packed in the same way, but also placed into a box and filled with packing peanuts. In the end, you should seal the boxes with duct tape and label everything. Try to pack everything – even the bulky pieces. The more you wrap them, the more you protect them from humidity, pests, and other storage ‘intruders’.