How to prepare for a garage sale

Are you selling your home and moving away? This means you’ll need to reduce the number of moving boxes and get some additional cash you need for the whole process. An event that can help you with both issues is organizing a garage sale. Here’s how to prepare for such an event and successfully sell as many items as possible.

Prepare the items you’ll sell on the garage sale

Before you tell everyone you’re having a garage sale, check if you have enough items to sell. Go through all of the rooms and see what are the things you haven’t used for a long time, and you simply don’t need anymore. If there are a lot of books, clothes, appliances, toys and other things that are in good condition – find them another home. Decluttering the house is very useful especially if you are about to sell it, or you are working from home – more space always comes handy.

A person browsing records on a garage sale.
If you have a good selection of items on your garage sale, there are more chances to earn more money.

Choose date and time for your garage sale

People will most likely shop after they receive their salary – which is usually in the first week of the month. That’s why you should pick the first weekend in a month and start your sale early in the morning. People won’t come when they have other things to do during the day, so be sure to start your sale earlier.

Do you need a city permit?

Some cities require a special permit so you can organize any public event or gathering. That’s why you should check with the government officials and get one – don’t risk this small detail ruin your garage sale.

Do proper promotion of your garage sale

If more people hear about your sale, you’ll have more visitors and more sold items. Put up several signs around your neighborhood to let your neighbors and passers-by know about the sale. Next, use social networks to inform your friends and family about the event – you can share Instagram stories of your items, create a Facebook event, etc. Do as much as you can to inform people about your garage sale, and you shouldn’t worry about the turnout.

Many garage sale items
Promoting your garage sale well helps you gain more visitors

Prepare everything you need for the day

For a successful garage sale, it’s essential to have all the necessary supplies, so you make the purchase more comfortable and faster for your customers. First of all, be sure to have enough coins and smaller bills– you will have to give change. Don’t forget to wear a small bag or an apron to carry the money with you. Next, have bags and boxes ready to pack the purchased items so the buyers can carry them home. Also, having a mirror is very useful – if buyers have the chance to try the clothes out, they will more likely buy them.

Help your buyers

One of the most important factors for a successful garage sale is a friendly host. If you talk to your buyers, share a background story about your items and compliment the buyers’ looks – you’ll definitely count more cash at the end of the day. So, stay positive and friendly and have a good time!