How to reuse moving boxes after the move

You are finally done with all the unpacking and moving troubles, but there is one more thing to deal with. A lot of boxes left after unpacking will only take a precious room in your home or storage. So, you need to find a way how to reuse moving boxes after the move or how to get rid of them. Luckily, there are several options you can choose from.

Reuse moving boxes after the move

  • Save them for later – You might want to consider saving them for later use. Who knows, maybe you or some of your friends or family members will need them. Even if you are moving because of business, you might need them again to move your business somewhere else. Or, you can use them to store items in your garage or storage unit.
  • Use them for storage – It would be better to save some of the most quality boxes for storage. Sooner or later, you will need a couple of them for storing certain items away. Why throwing them out only to have to waste money on them again later? You never know when you might need them so if it’s possible to save them do it.
  • Be creative – If you have some creative ideas of how to use them, like making a pet house or something, then why not? If you lack ideas, you can find a lot of DIY solutions on the internet.

Let your kids be creative instead

Another way to make use of your boxes is to give them to the kids. They will love it. You will be surprised about how many interesting ideas they have. Not only they can draw on them but they can find a use for them that would never cross your adult mind.

Kids hand painting as a great way to reuse moving boxes.

The kids always know what to do with things.

Get rid of the boxes


Get rid of damaged and unusable boxes by taking them to your local recycling facility. Call the recycling center and see if there are any special requirements like the amount they accept. Some may even offer you a pickup service which will make the entire process easy for you.

Sorted piles of paper ready for recycling.

Your local recycling facility will always need materials.

You can sell the boxes

You can always offer your extra boxes for sale. There are many websites where you can post about your offer. A lot of people are trying to move on a budget. So if you have quality boxes to offer, they will be glad to buy them from you. Also, you can check around to see if local companies are buying and selling packing supplies and offer them yours.

A giveaway is an option

If you only need to get rid of the boxes, and you are not interested in saving money, then you can always give them away. Check around your neighborhood if someone is moving and offer them. Even better, ask your new neighbors about the advice. They might have been in a similar position so they can help you out with information. Also, you can ask your moving company if they can help you with box removal.

Donate them to a charity

While gathering information about your new neighborhood, don’t forget to inform yourself about charity organizations in your city. Many of them need a large number of boxes and will be more than happy to take them. Also, schools and libraries might have a use for your boxes so don’t hesitate to ask them as well.