How to secure temperature-sensitive shipments from Japan

Shipments from Japan are coming to the States every day. More and more each year. Students from Japan often come to study here, this is becoming a real trend. But others are coming to, like young professionals looking for a new job opportunity. Many of them are expanding their businesses here. Many of them are relocating a lot of items from Japan and some of those items are temperature-sensitive. So, we will talk a bit about that one but also we will mention the process of moving from Japan to the USA and who can help you along the way. Don’t worry, even though it sounds complicated and stressful there is a way to avoid all the hassle. Just read on and we will explain everything.

Shipments from Japan that require to be stored in a temperature-sensitive cargo

If you are wondering what can be temperature-sensitive and who needs this, we have some possible answers. For the people who are opening an autistic Japanese restaurant and want to import drinks for example or any food no matter if its a fruit or meat – they need the food and drinks to be stored at a very specific temperature in order to stay fresh and healthy until they reach the destination they are going to. Of course the same goes for any medication. Vaccines, medical devices, or any medical equipment for that matter. They all need to be stored at some specific temperature. The manufacturer will write the exact amount and you will know. So, as you can see in some cases this is necessary. If you are only transporting your household belongings like clothes and such then you don’t need this.

A restaurant opened after shipments from Japan

If you plan on opening a Japanese restaurant here in the States the best course for you is to import all the stuff you can’t find here.

Third-party logistics

When you are dealing with sensitive items and you have a long way like the one from Japan to the USA, then it might be smart to work with professionals in order to make everything go smoothly. They will find the best solutions for your problem, make plans and a way to execute them perfectly. That way you don’t have to lose your mind over finding a way to export those sensitive items you have and need. This is especially beneficial if you are dealing with medical equipment that can be extremely expensive and sensitive. So, check them out, call them and see how they can find solutions for your problems.

Cold chain solutions for shipments from Japan

For medications, vaccines, and such you need strict cold chain solutions. Of course, since you are hiring a company to deal with logistics they will be doing this for you, but you need to know. Moving pharmaceutical products often requires complex routes and temperature-controlled environments. This can be challenging even if you are using an airplane as a way of relocating your products. This is another reason to hire a logistics company.

symbolic picture of a cold chain

Cold chains are the safest route to export pharmaceuticals from Japan.

Ways to protect temperature-sensitive shipments from Japan

Now let’s talk about dealing with food and drinks. They are also very sensitive to temperature and need very special care before relocation and during of course. The first thing is the packaging. You cant simply store fruits or wine in a moving box and hope for the best. You need to acquire documents and paperwork for the food and drinks you are bringing. Your lawyer will guide you through this process. The next step is hiring a logistics company and of course professional movers who will be doing the whole process. Kokusai Express Japan has years of experience in this field so you should call them and arrange a meeting. The next thing you need to do is figure out the packaging and test it. You don’t want the relocation to be the first test. Also, it might be smart to research this a bit online this topic and find people who have been doing this and get in contact with them. Sharing experiences is always good.

Procedures in case of loss or something bad happening

Since you are hiring people to do most of the work chances of something going wrong are slim. They are professionals and they know how to do their job. That doesn’t mean you should forget about insurance. You always need a backup plan. Being cautious is always a smart approach. Start by talking to your lawyer, get insurance, and then you will feel much better and prepared for your upcoming relocation.

Doing research on a laptop

Make sure to research what kind of insurance will work best for you.

Moving from Japan to the States

We covered what you need for your sensitive shipments from Japan but if you are also moving to the States, we should cover some basics for you too. First of all, you need to research cultural differences. Knowing the language will be helpful too but there are ways around that until you learn. Your next research should be about the weather in your chosen state. Not all States have the same temperatures. For example, Florida has summer pretty much all year long and it can get quite humid where in New York winters can be pretty harsh and snowy. This can be an important piece of information for you and it’s easily forgettable since you are dealing with some stuff like your sensitive shipment that is probably on your mind all the time.

Don’t worry, America is full of ex-pats and people are usually friendly and welcoming towards strangers. You will see lots of other people from Japan too, you are not the only one so you shouldn’t be afraid. Soon enough your adventure will begin and we wish you the best of luck with finding a solution for your problems with the shipment.