How to store collectibles safely

Many of us have a soft spot for collectibles. We collect, arrange, and preserve many items that make up our collections. Some people do it for the love of collecting, and some people hope that the price of their collectibles is going to go up in the future, so they can sell them. Whatever the case is, collectibles require special care and attention. This is especially true if you are in the process of moving. Moving is a laborious and sometimes tricky process, and moving collectibles can be even more laborious and tricky. This is why we are making a guide – How to store collectibles safely. So, without further ado, let’s begin our guide!

Declutter if you want to store collectibles safely

Almost every household has clutter somewhere, some have it in their basement, and some have it all around the place. Although collectors are more often than not very orderly people, all those collectibles can make quite a mess. So, before you even think about moving and storing your collectibles, you should declutter first.

When stacking books store collectibles safely.

Many of us have a sweet spot for collectibles, especially books.

Sell, the items you don’t need anymore and start decluttering. Also, don’t forget to clean your items. But be careful, some collectibles require special care and attention, and you need to use proper cleaning products for them. If you want to store your collectibles properly, you need to pay special attention to the temperature and humidity of your storage unit.

Temperature and humidity can be your enemies

Many kinds of collectibles are very prone to damages due to high humidity and fluctuations in temperature, so you need to check with your storage company what kind of conditions are they offering in their storage unit. You need to check what temperature is the sweet spot for your items. Also, be aware that most collectibles are very sensitive, and high temperatures can be very harmful to your things. If you want to store your collectibles safely, go to for more information on this topic.

Avoid direct sunlight

Sunlight is one of the biggest enemies of collectibles, other than high humidity and extreme temperatures. You should store your items in a dark and low humidity place, with normal temperature. Humidity levels and at what temperature should you store your collectibles depends on what you are collecting, but direct sunlight is almost always bad for collectibles.

It can change the color of your items, and it can make your collectibles very brittle and prone to damages, reducing their value on the market. Also, it reduces the emotional value of your items, since that item is not the same as before. This is why it is very important to store collectibles safely and find storage that has no sunlight coming in.

Store items you don’t display

If you have items that are not for display, or if you don’t want to show them at this moment, you should store your collectibles in a box. You don’t have to use boxes for your items, since they are not so good for some kinds of collectibles. There are many alternatives to boxes, like bins and crates. Of course that it is best to store your collectibles in original packaging, but if you don’t have one, you can store it in something else.

Cardboard and cardboard.

Cardboard boxes are not always the best and safest storage option.

If your collectibles have large dimensions, you can always order a custom-made crate. You can do this either online or you can go to a carpenter, and order a crate with custom dimensions. If you are crafty enough, you can even make your crates.

Don’t handle your collectibles to often

More often than not, collectibles are very fragile and prone to damages, and this is why you shouldn’t handle your collectibles very often. Sweat from your palms can damage your collectibles, and if you have to move them, use proper tools or gloves.

Of course that you have to move them if you have to relocate, but when you put them in a box, or a bin, or in any kind of container, don’t touch them anymore. That way you can keep your collectibles safe and ready for moving to a different location. So, avoid handling your precious items often, and if you have to handle them, do it with care.

Find a reliable storage facility to store collectibles safely

If you have to move your collection, it is best to hire a moving company and a storage facility. Many moving companies offer both, and you should find a reliable moving company that can offer you the right kind of storage for your collectibles.

Don’t lose your documents

Every collector knows that their collectibles are worthless without proof in the form of a document. So, if you want to store your collectibles safely, keep the documents. If you lose your documents, you will not be able to sell them on the collectibles market. Some collectibles will lose their value entirely if even slightly damaged.

Storing collectibles safely with paper.

Keeping documents in a safe and secure place is very important.

If you have accidentally lost the documents, you can bring your items to the evaluator who will check your items, and tell you the worth of your item. More often than not, the valuator will give you the papers as proof of the value of your items.

Have insurance if you want to store your collectibles safely

There is a way in which you can have insurance for your collection. We cannot give you a piece of law advice here, but you can ask your law advisor for the details. Go to any insurance company and ask if you can have your collection insured. Better safe than sorry.

Sometimes, transport is a tricky business, and if you’re transporting your collection to a distant place, it is better if you have insurance for it. Don’t be cheap with insurance, since cheaper insurances will not cover the full expenses if something goes wrong. This is a vital step toward your ultimate goal, to store collectibles safely.