How to survive a short notice move

If everything was perfect, you’d have enough time to prepare for the move you have to make. Because moving is a complex process with many tiny details and individual tasks. So, a minimum of three or four weeks is preferred for doing it right. But, we all know how unpredictable life can be, and you may end up trying to survive a short notice move. 

There are two types of this kind of move. The ones where you don’t have a lot of time between finding out you have to move and the move itself. And, the ones where you hesitate too much and find yourself completely unpacked a couple of days before the movers arrive. In both cases, figuring out how to survive a short notice move is a necessity. But, this article will help you do it successfully.

Approach it right

Even when you have a little time until the Moving day, panicking will bring no good. Try to be calm and you’ll have a greater chance of ensuring a successful move. Accept the following change in your life, focus on challenging tasks ahead, and get down to work as soon as you can. Don’t lose time thinking about the events that led to a short notice move. Or the difficulties that lie ahead of you. Just make sure you start the moving preparations immediately and follow tips for how to stay organized during a move.

A woman creating a plan to survive a short notice move.

If you want to survive a short notice move successfully, don’t panic. Plan everything to detail and stay cool.

Survive a short notice move and manage your time wisely

When you have a couple of days before the move, your time is ticking away faster than ever. Therefore, you have to organize every minute of every hour and you’ll be relocating your home effectively and efficiently and with minimum havoc. You can achieve this by creating a moving timeline. Make a priority of your moving tasks and set clear deadlines to be sure that all the important work is done on time. Leve less important and easy tasks for last. Be precise when setting your goals, and make sure you do them on time. This way, you can check your progress, take action when it’s necessary, and reduce the stress. Because you’ll know that you’re moving in the right direction every time you cross out a task as the one that is completed.

Find some help to survive a short notice move

It’s pretty impossible to perform and survive a short notice move all by yourself. You can try a DIY move if you are moving locally and have some relocation experience. But, find reliable friends to help you out at every stage of the relocation process. From packing your household to transporting it into your new address. Also, if you’re performing this kind of move, make sure you follow the best tips on moving by yourself.

0In every other scenario, you should consider hiring a professional moving company. Because they have the experience to handle your last-minute relocation with enviable speed, efficiency, and safety. So, hiring them is the best way to survive a short notice move. But, you have to make sure you find reliable professionals. Plus, they need to be available for the time of your move and able to complete all the work within the time you determine.


There is no way you can’t perform a short notice move all by yourself. You need help.

Tips for finding the professional movers

Remember, when you are pressed by the time, you may tempt to use the first available emergency mover you come across. But, this can be a great mistake on your part. Because you risk becoming a victim of moving scam. Or, if you hire a company without researching it first, you may end up dealing with movers that don’t have the experience, license or insurance. So, to avoid this read online reviews and verify the company’s USDOT number. Plus, check the mover’s complaint history, no matter how little time you have at your disposal. Skipping this crucial step may cost you lots of money and nerves.

Make sure you fill in a moving quote and contact several reputable moving companies instead of picking the first one you find. Do this if you want to know how to save money on your relocation process. This way you will be able to compare and weigh offers and the pros and cons of your options. Then you can make an informed decision and survive a short notice move successfully. Your best bet is to hire trustworthy full-service movers who will take care of your moving process. From packing and loading to transporting your belongings.

Organize and pack

This is the most time-consuming and difficult task you have to deal with when moving. You must go through your belongings and determine what exactly to take with you, and what to do with the items that aren’t worth moving. Are you going to sell, donate to charity, or trow them? While you sort items, make sure you create an inventory list of every article you plan to relocate. Because making lists can help you stay organized and save plenty of time.

Depending on the time you have before the move, you can pre-pack some of your possessions. Like some personal and valuable items. But, it’s recommended to hire professionals packers to take care of your large household items and delicate belongings. Because you’ll not have enough time to pack them safely and efficiently.
Also, don’t forget to bring together all your documents and pack a box of essentials to survive the first couple of days.

Graphic picture of moving boxes

Packing is a task that demands plenty of time. And if you want to survive a short notice move consider hiring professional packers.

Finish the necessary paperwork

There is some paperwork you need to finish before the move:

  • inform your employer about your short notice move as soon as possible. Take care of the related paperwork.
  • Notify your children’s school and retrieve the necessary school records
  • transfer utilities
  • put financial documents in order – transfer bank accounts, inform your insurer and credit card company of your move
  • prepare your pets for the move
  • organize the shipment of your motor vehicles
  • remember to buy plane tickets or service your car if you are going to drive to your new address.