How to transform your attic into a library?

Every avid book reader dreams of a haven of their own. Having a cozy reading nook in which you can be surrounded by books, the smell of old paper and have some peace and quiet can be a dream come true to many. But making your own library is not easy. The free space can be scares and the conditions for a library may not be great. But, if you are creative, you can make yourself a perfect library in a perfect place. Invest your creativity to transform your dusty attic into a perfect library space. Can you do it and do you know how?

Well, attic space is often overlooked as it is considered a simple storage space. This space is usually only storage for unwanted stuff and inadequately used and utilized. This space can be used in a multitude of ways if it is transformed the right way. If you have a vision, it can be a perfect library. If you think of it, it is out of the way, quiet, peaceful and it can be a cozy, hidden reading haven. So how to go about it, and how to transform an attic into a library?  

Empty, run down attic space.
An empty attic can be a potential reading haven and a library.

Insulate, make waterproof, protect

One of the most important things is to make sure that the roof has no leaks. Moisture can be devastating to books and furniture so make sure that the roof is not leaking. Make sure to check for mold, mildew, and stains and seal all of the leaks to prevent any future damage. It is also important to insulate the attic properly. Any attic conversion must have good insulation. The insulation will give your house better energy efficiency, save money and provide a stable temperature. The attic will also be a more comfortable and warmer place. The roof tends to overheat during summers and lose heat during winter. Proper insulation will keep the attic warm in the winter and suitably cold during summers to make it comfortable are to spend time in. It is also important to provide adequate ventilation to make the space aerated.

Utilize attic space properly

Sloping walls of the attic can be difficult to utilize so you have to be smart about it. You can always use low bookshelves or use crates and cases for storage in those low places. One of the options is to use a daybed for rest and relaxation in those spaces. Artwork or potted plants are also a good option.

Organized, clean and airy attic living space
Express your sense of style and your creativity.

To make space feel like a library you also have to introduce a smart shelving system into space. Where possible, high shelves will transform and make attic space feel like a true library. You can also use cupboards, built-in or floating shelves. You can use whatever your preference or sense of style requires just make sure to create a functional and stylish space.

Be creative

Creating your own library and a reading nook can be a perfect opportunity to use and display your creativity. Be free to mix and match and experiment. Use clever and creative lighting solutions to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Use neutral colors that will make your reading nook a sanctuary and a comfortable place to relax. Incorporate your favorite artwork and details and watch it transform it into a space of your own.

Some old books you can enjoy once you transform your attic into a library.
Transform your attic and enjoy your collection of books.

Repurposing your attic can be a serious endeavor but it can be very rewarding. Transforming the attic into a library, a haven for rest, relaxation and enjoyment can be even more fulfilling. When you get through the technical stuff, the most rewarding thing can be the use of your own creativity and a sense of style. Your own taste can be the perfect ingredient for a cozy safe haven to enjoy. However, if you are struggling with ideas, you can always research online and get a sense of what you can do. Be open-minded and creative when you are refurbishing your attic into a library. The reward can be great.