Ideas for bringing more natural light into your home

There is never enough light in your home? Where you are making a mistake? What to do for bringing more natural light into your home? We have some ideas that may help you make your home bigger and brighter. If you are worried about money, these home improvements do not have to be expensive.

Bringing more natural light into your home – tips, and tricks

First, create your home renovation budget and use some of our ideas. Also, search in home decoration magazines, Pinterest, and other sources of ideas. There is never enough ideas for home renovation.

Home exterior.

Windows are not the only way to have more natural light in your home

Use light colors for walls

The first rule is to use light and pastel colors on your walls. Avoid dark grey, red, black and other dark colors. Your room will look smaller too. Repainting is not that expensive and it won’t take too much time. White is the brightest color, but you can play a little bit with other bright colors.


Too much furniture and a mess will make your house sad, small, and dark. There is no need to have clutter in your home when you can find a cheap way to store your itemsAlso, it is easier to remodel your home if you store your items somewhere (in a storage unit, for example).

Add mirrors and shiny items

Besides bright paint, you can use glossier paint and give your walls a mirror effect. Also, try to add more mirrors because mirrors reflect light. Mirrors will make your room look bigger too, not only brighter. Look for furniture pieces with glass or chrome, use silver photo frames, and other “reflective” surfaces.

Glass blocks

Glass blocks instead of walls are becoming more and more popular. They will give you the right amount of natural light where otherwise no light would be entering your home and also it is decorative. Remodel your house smart and make it beautiful and bright.

Install skylights

If you want a little bit bigger home project, work on your ceiling. One of the ideas is to install skylights (windows for the roof). It will bring in more consistent light than normal windows in your home because they are located on the top.

Paint eaves white

Overhangs created by your roof are eaves. Why it is important to be white? Because they reflect natural light into your home. And that is why you should paint them white to boost natural light into your home.


If you have time and money, invest in a sunroom and bring more natural light into your home

Large windows and doors

Windows and glass doors are bringing more natural light into your home, but this home project will not be cheap or simple. This is a great idea for your living room. You can have a “glass wall” instead of a regular wall. Create a sunroom and have 100% of natural light in your home. It is trendy and useful too.